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  1. I'm glad you reminded me about 'Earth Day' GD, I had no idea it was today. I would have been most saddened if, through lack of awareness, I'd not turned all my lights on to celebrate.


    How's the old Global Warming going in Eire? I understand the British Isles and all who sail in her are enjoying unprecedented levels of Global Warming this fine spring. Christ, another few years like this and it's going to be like the fucking Sahara there.

    • I believe they have had a couple of feet of Global Warming over there all right.  We missed out on the white stuff but managed to cop a drop of wet stuff instead.

      flooded motorway
      The main motorway through Wicklow.

      • You do realise that all that water is because the polar ice caps are melting, don't you? You got any polar bears swimming around the area looking for icebergs? Poor buggers. Must be hell being a polar bear these days. We get no icebergs at all round here anymore, not since the last ice age. Bloody global warming. Not many polar bears, either. I always toss 'em a tree-hugger when I see them swimming around my way. It's the least I can do.

  2. Sorry, 'Earth Hour', not 'Earth Day''. But I might leave my lights on all night anyway.

      • Not at the price of electricity here!!!

        (mind you a lot of that is the 'solidarity tax')

        • Yes, just got my electrickery bill. Fuck. Maybe I will do this 'Earth Hour' thing – every night. I love the romance of candlelit dinners.

  3. "…they could always try topping themselves.".  That way at least they'll make adequate mulch.  Fuckwits…

      • What?!  Eat one of those joyless, stringy bastards; stuffed to the gills with tofu and mung-beans?  No fear.  Perhaps a nice, plump politician; marinated in fine claret at our expense…

        • Flame grill them for half an hour.

          If they are still alive after that then good luck to them….

  4. "they could always try topping themselves"  Said in true Bertie style.

    More fucking whinging about nothing.   .

      • Ah I enjoy a good whinge about nothing now and then..
        (where's the delete button)  🙂 

        • If you enjoy a good whing then why complain?

          What's the delete button for?  The post?  Your comment?  Yourself?

  5. I too almost missed this important occasion, thanks for the warning! I like to take out all the energy saving bulbs and replace them with my stockpile of old real lightbulbs….just for the one night you understand,  One of these days I'll be raided by the politburo and all me treasures confiscated.

    • I confess to being very protective of my incandescent bulbs.  I have a cupboard full of the things in preparation for the day when those cunts in Brussels ban them [if they haven't already?].

      • I'm really evil, I have a stash of 150w bulbs hidden in the utility room.

        I;m probably the cause of all this 'warble-gloaming'!

  6. I like your idea GD. I'm going to put on all my lights and maybe get rid of an old mattress and other burnable shite. If Major Tom is floating by in his fucking capsule he can get a picture of an illuminated Ireland. It'll show the Euro Cunts that we are still here.

    They'll probably want more carbon tax's…..fukkem!

  7. " It is about as much use as clicking a “like” button in Facebook."

    Like that

  8. Right, some visitors want to piss and shit on Earth Hour. Take a leak on the earth, and evacuate a solid number 2 into the farmland on Earth Day and it'll do a world of compost good to the farmland. The chinese have been doing this sort of thing for centuries. They've collected nightsoil from the towns and transported it out to the countryside. Very organic. The Greens might admire, although the transporting labourers must get cheesed off with the prevailing stink sometimes.

  9. Actually, this so-called Earth Hour could be quite fun if you think about it. If you can manage to coordinate everyone in your town/village to shut down the electricity in your homes at the same exact time (Open the main circuit breaker/switch, pull the main fuse, whatever. Screw just turning off the lights) there's a good chance you might upset the nearest substation with the sudden back surge. Have everyone wait 30 seconds then simultaneously close the mains (you obviously forgot the candle in the bathroom) and you'll probably blow your local grid. Takes a bit of coordination like I said but you've got all year to plan for the next time.

    • Now that is a work of genius!  Roll on next year and I'll see if we an coordinate the village.  😈

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