Poor old Rambles is a sick little bunny.

I fired up the old laptop today to see how it was faring, and it wasn’t.  Nothing there but a blank white screen.  Nada!  Rien! Pure white and fuck all else.


The problem was that I couldn’t fix it as I couldn’t get into it.  Even the back door into the maintenance area wasn’t working.

I asked Himself to have a look.

He fared no better and after a lot of hair tearing and foul language he contacted Blacknight.  He may be the brains behind the operation, but they are the ones with the soldering irons.

They couldn’t have been more helpful.  They got out their stethoscopes or whatever it is they use and they gave their diagnosis – Rambles was sick.  That titbit of information wasn’t exactly very helpful but they redeemed themselves by giving the site a thump with a lump-hammer.  That fixed it.  You can’t beat the old thump with a lump-hammer.

I’m not sure quite what the problem was.  Himself gave me a detailed breakdown of exactly what happened, but I didn’t understand a word of it.  I gather is was something to do with a pipe in the basement springing a bit of a leak and the resulting flood causing a bit of havoc with the electrics.  Or something.

The site seems to be OK now.  At least I can get into it, even if no one else can, but not many people bother visiting anyway so that’s no problem.

It’s still a bit stiff and sore after its ordeal, so if you are dropping by, speak softly and don’t over excite it.  Only one visitor at a time please.

It might appreciate a bunch of grapes too?

Or a pack of tobacco?

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In sickness and in health — 23 Comments

  1. Thought there was "something up".  I know you like a smoke,  but I don't think that would help your sick system. Instead, try a dose of love and kindness – or at least hammer the keys with more consideration.  We always called it a Brummagem screwdriver.  Works every time.

  2. Seems as if that lump hammer has achieved miracles.  I clicked on comments expecting the usual 5 minute wait and there it was – instantaneous like!  Marvel!

    • Waddya mean "the usual 5 minute wait"?  This site is [normally] honed to perfection.  In fact, it works better and faster than I do.

  3. Well that's a relief, I couldn't get into site when I tried at lunchtime, glad to see the problem was your end, thought for a moment my employers had added your site to the banned list (Ever increasing banned list at that) Glad to see you up and running again, shocking night though, that fucking Global Warming is in full swing outside, I'll have to give the pub a miss as I can't find the sunscreen.

    • I actually take it as quite a compliment when I am banned.  At least someone must be reading this tripe and with a bit of luck they even consider I am slowing the wheels of industry…..

  4. I feel the urge to relate my latest computer horror story.  Several weeks ago I left the cover of my laptop up and went to the john,  open a beer, or something important like that.  Anyway, my cat barfed up all over the keyboard, and I was getting funny little characters when I typed anything.  I did clean off the the mess , of course.  With a dry cloth, of course.  Well, down to the local computer geek goes I and the computer.  Some several days later, he calls.  "it's ruined, and that will be 70 bucks," says he.  "The keyboard and hard drive are fried, and I will fix it for $350+."    "Never mind,"says I.  And I picked it up for spare parts.  The ghost of my Irish/Scottish grandfather is yelling in my ear.  "It is a scam, Willy Boy!"  So, several days later, I fired up the "fried" machine, and lo and behold, it runs better than ever.  Moral?  Close the damn cover and don't believe the local geek.

    • Well now.. if you will insist on having a cat around the place?  A dog would never even dream of doing such a thing.  Leastwise, if she did she knows she would get a swift kick up the hole.  Talking of which, I hope you gave your local geek a taste of the latter?

      • Knowingly that this post is overdue and late….But, the local geek did flinch at being called a crook and reminded that this is a rather small burg, and word travels quickly.  As for the damn cat, it's Miss Pat's, and there would be hell to pay if I kicked its ass outside.   Just trying to maintain family peace here.

        • Don't worry about the lateness – the post can be pretty iffy up here in the wilds.

          OK.  Forget about kicking the cat.  How about getting a dog?

          • I did, and up on the floor she barfed as soon as she came in the house.  At least, it wasn't on my computer.  There's progress.

  5. Fired up the old twitbox only to find that you are ailing. As I currently (temporarily) a resident of da Bons (Tralee natch) I decided I should 

    • comment. But there I that old bastard has tricked me again.   Fuck it. I escape tomorrow. Pints and black bushes for me. You ? Sick? Well fuck me.

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