Mossy reckons that all Reality Shows should be banned.

I don’t agree.

The problem with the current crop of Reality Shows is that they are tediously boring.

First there are the “talent” shows that are the very definition of an oxymoron.  I have seen more talent clinging to the base of a leaf in the pond.  These shows have foisted such abominations as Jedward on an unsuspecting world which is reason enough to ban that genre.

Then there are the shows that feature “celebrities”.  I still haven’t worked out exactly what a “celebrity” is.  According to Wikipedia, a celebrity is a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media.  What the fuck is a “prominent profile”?  Big ears?  A large nose?  And why should anyone be fascinated with these idiots?  Almost without exception, they are just a waste of good oxygen and I certainly wouldn’t insult myself by watching any of their antics on television.

So what kind of Reality Show would I like to see?


I would like to see a programme where politicians or bankers – people we all know and love – are placed into a house.  They are then asked to do simple tasks [maybe suggested by the public?] such as eating each others excrement or removing each others finger nails.  This would all be filmed and beamed into our homes for our simple enjoyment.

As the politicians are finally one by one voted out of the house they are stripped of all possessions and are dressed in readily identifiable bright orange boiler suits whereupon they are cast onto the streets to fend for themselves.  We could then have a subsidiary programme where members of the public can submit videos of our victims friends are they forage in dustbins or get evicted from sleeping in doorways.

Now that is a Reality Show I could watch.

I think it could be a winner?

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Real Reality Shows — 18 Comments

    • Sod the children.  It would be a good life-lesson for them.  This is what happens when you lie, cheat and steal people's money.

  1. "Reality" shows have become big over here, across the Pond.  Cheaper to produce than "dramas", these things, using the word loosely, fill the cable and broadcast networks.  Now, (surprised?) it comes out the shows like Shortage Wars are, in fact, set-ups.  The producers plant shit in lockers to be bid on, and then, (surprised?) the winners go through the crap and find hidden treasures (surprised?)  What shit.  My only "must see" is Duck Dynasty about some bubbas who make duck calls and have too much money for their own good.  I have a high bubba factor but not the money needed to go with it.   I still pay for cable.  WHY?

    • I think you can add shows like 'Dog The Attention Hunter', 'Steve Wilcos' and 'Doctor Phil' to that genre of arse dribble.

      Shite like this only reaffirms my belief that the level of human intelligence has hit an all time low. As Einstein said once; "I fear the day that technology will surpass our Human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots".

      Herself is the only reason that there's a TV in the house. It's the only time I can get her to shut the fuck up.

    • Don't we know it!  It's even cheaper for us to just buy all your garbage, so we have wall to wall dross.  I don't think Duck Dynasty has made it here yet, but it will……

  2. Hi GD,

    I have a dream where groups of (opposing parties) politicians, lawyers, Government PR people, newspaper/media owners and idiot judges are transported to a truly hostile location, such as the middle of Australia.  They would be equipped with basic survival tools plus a spear and large knives, then left alone to fight it out for a final winner.  An – as yet not invented – series of miniature robot flying cameras would record the action.  Of course, the winners would have to be eliminated for cheating…

    Would make a great novel and film.

    • Now that is an excellent idea.  Not only does it rid the world of unwanted celebrities minefields but is first class entertainment.

  3. I forgot to mention some survivalist  program  where some nut case guy is dropped down in the middle of some fake jungle and eats slugs.   Come to find out him spends his evenings in a Holiday Inn, not even an Express type, but the full nine yards type with a fucking bed and running water, dining on steak and potatoes. Again, WHY do I even have a tv.?  Miss Pat likes PBS, so there's my answer.  My choice is not to watch the damn thing.  Fat chance.  GD…do you think you have struck a sore spot with me here?  And did I mention the  collector shows where some dumb ass has 80 cats and 40 dogs?   Never mind…………..(bugged eyed and foaming at the mouth)……

  4. Sounds great GD. Could there be a part for the ones voted off, before they are sent to the streets to fend for themselves in their bright orange boiler suits where the Public get to pelt the buggers with all manner of crap. Put them in stocks and giv'us a go…..please…..just for five minutes.

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