The thin line of madness — 12 Comments

  1. What's next?! Free shite analysis (a la Gillian McKeith) with every purchase of Slimfast at Boots?

    Seriously, as a species I think we're now regressing at a far greater pace than we've ever progressed. Life is quickly losing its appeal to me. I want out.

    • Afraid I have to agree.  All this incessant bullshit about health is driving me to an early grave.

  2. They can't leave people alone for one minute. Don't they know badgering people is unhealthy and people should be 'made aware' they're damaging their health. Btw, the advert on here is how to avoid 6 exercise mistakes and burn more fat. Are they monitoring you?

    • Welcome Lemmi.  I swear if I hear one more person trying to "increase my awareness" of their little hobbyhorse, I'm going to take a high powered rifle up to a high building.  They are playing havoc with my blood pressure.  I hope they are aware of the fact!

  3. 15,000 steps? Would becoming obsessive/compulsive help maybe? (yeah, it probably would now that I think about it)

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