Star of the Silver Screen — 38 Comments

  1. You bollocks!! There was me running out to the kitchen, making a preparatory coffee, trotting back in, putting the headphones on, just to look at a fucking image!! >:(

  2. haha you little c*nt.   You fooled me.. you won't fool me twice.

    I'm sure you did grand on it btw.

  3. Heh! Don't be surprised if someone tracks down a copy on the interwebby and posts it here GD! We would be merciless in our pisstaking, you can be sure. 🙂

    • Actually, there is a copy but it is crap quality, and the cunts have edited me out except for a tiny snippet.

  4. OMG…. I knew what you were going to do!!!   You have now completed the twisting of a formerly very analytical mind into a blonde mess…

  5. Was it some sort of un-reality piece where you actually spoke the truth honestly, and the establishment gasped at such close exposure to common sense ?

    • I always speak the truth honestly and the establishment do gasp at the close exposure to common sense.  Are you implying otherwise?

  6. I am the one with no dog collar and no boobs.  I am also the one who was mercifully edited out.

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