Uniting Ireland

So Gerry Adams wants a poll to unite Ireland?

He wants to do away with the border and reunite the two parts of the island?

I suppose I could go along with that.

There are a few advantages, not least of which should be cheaper prices in the shops.

I would also be able to order stuff on line that says UK only.

I even have quite a few Sterling coins lying around that I could finally use.

Can’t see myself ever singing an anthem in praise of the old biddy Queen Biddy though.


Uniting Ireland — 20 Comments

  1. never could understand some British Squaddie cunt from a stinking council estate in England asking me

    so mate where are you coming from, where are you going.. with a gun in my face.. no loss

    • Last time that happened to me I asked him if he wanted to jump into the car and claim political asylum in the south.  He damn near did.

  2. The bould Gerry and his merry men always did have a funny grasp of economics. We can't afford north iron at the moment, another €20 or €30 billion to run it each year!  That might have been ok when we had banks to rob, but the politicians beat us to that one!

    • Had two business trips to Belfast.

      The first time they put me up in the Balmoral.  Second most bombed hotel in the city.

      I objected.

      So next time they put me up in the Europa.   Most bombed hotel in the world.

      I don't think they liked me?

  3. A united Ireland makes good sense, always did. Be careful of those proddie bastards though, they can carry a grudge for feckin centuries …

    • The only people who really benefit are geographers?  Makes maps a whole lot neater?

      It would benefit Customs too.  Bastards.

  4. You forget that the British throne is a world heritage institution with roots in prehistoric pagan Ireland.

    It has evolved into an institution whose only power is the power it denies ambitious megalomaniacs.

    Moreover it is a position determined by nature rather than by devious and manipulative politicians.

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