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    • Well Bertie is certainly entertaining our Penny.  He has called a couple of times since, which is great way of exercising a dog.  Obviously a bird of little brain, like his namesake.

  1. As I feared, this blog has gone to the birds.

    I shall return though. I like birds. Please write about them more often, like daily. Also pour a little Guinness in the water dish and let us know what happens?

    • Well, welcome DW! 

      I like birds too, but Herself gets jealous.  Or do you mean the feathered type?

      • Oh, you Irish and your birds and lifts and torches and humour. I mean ladies, elevators, flashlights and humor. Also, OF COURSE she gets jealous. You're a stud-muffin in high demand. She needs to keep you on a leash.

  2. Much to my amusement (we do live near water!), years ago one of my neighbours decided build a pond. once the good piece was finished, my neighbour went out to buy large Koi (£300 each) and proudly announced that if my cats go near that pond he'll shoot them.  At this point in time I did have a cat which tackled about anything so I was a little worried. 

    The following morning one of the Koi was missing …. I kept the cat indoors.  Next morning another Koi was missing and my neighbour was fuming.  (The cat was still indoors!) The very next morning I did hear a bang – there was my neighbour with a rifle, having shot a heron that had just dragged the last Koi out the pond…  Needless to say the pond disappeared and my cat was allowed out again!

    However, as a cat owner, I do not put bird seed out in Winter. Still a lot of birds come for the berries left in some bushes.  (And I must say that especially the blue tits can be quite vicious to the dopes of cats I own!)

    Nature looks after itself.

    • Welcome Beobrigitte!  We are a relatively cat-free area here as most people around have at least one dog.  We are however plagued by the heron who has been visiting for many years.  We know only too well where the fish go!  I used to have a fine stock but the heron got the lot so I haven't bothered restocking for the last few years.  Now I think he's on the lookout for frogs.  As you say – ain't nature wonderful!

  3. So you're into the birds huh GD.. 
    I had two Robins out in the back garden having a little nibble of the bird seed… very unusual to see two together – apparently, as they're supposed to be very territorial, especially if they're the same sex and especially if nesting season.. 
    It's interesting too watching the neighbours' cats sneaking around the pots and plants trying to catch tweetie for dinner.. never happens though.


    • I wouldn't say I was "into" them exactly.  The garden is full of the little buggers though.  We have everything from wrens up to herons [which is quite a size difference?].  You name it – jays, blackbirds, finches, robins, the lot.  I have deliberately let half the place grow wild for them.  That's my excuse anyway!

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