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  1. Well, if you make it down to the village and can't get back I'm sure the pub will be open.


    And, by the way, don't they actually mix the salt into the grit?

    • Of course the pub will be open.  Some things are sacred in this village.

      I have no idea about salt cocktails, but you can be sure the councils use the most expensive method possible, so they probably use highly refined unadulterated table salt.

  2. About the salt question Grandad – during the last big freeze in 2010 I though it hilarious that we were importing salt from Egypt when the largest salt mine in these here parts is up in Norn Iron

    • Even more insane – when they ran out of salt they were offered free grit by some quarry owners and they refused to take it.

      • ‘Hereabouts died a very gallant gentleman, Captain L. E. G. Oates, of the Inniskilling Dragoons. In March 1912, returning from the Pole, he walked willingly to his death in a blizzard, to try and save his comrades, beset by hardships.’

        I have never forgotten this – read it when I was ten years old. A few flakes scattered hither and yon … I always think of old Oates.

  3. The Indians asked their chief if winter was going to be cold.


    Not really knowing, the chief replied it would be cold with lots of snow, and they must collect plenty of wood.


    A good leader, he then called the weather service and asked, "Is this winter going to be cold?"


    The man on the phone responded "this winter is going to be quite cold indeed", so the chief told his people to collect even more wood.


    A week later he called the weather service again, "Is it going to be a very cold winter?" "Yes", the man replied, "it's going to be a very cold winter", so the chief orders his people to collect every scrap of wood they can find.


    Two weeks later he calls the weather service again: "Are you absolutely sure this winter is going to be very cold?"


    "Absolutely," the man replies, "the Indians are collecting wood like crazy!"

    • Welcome GC!  You must realise that here a heavy snowfall means anything over a millimeter.  White = Panic!

  4. Of course, given your close proximity to the Capital City and snow meaning something else entirely up there, have you noticed any "three-piece-suits" kneeling on the ground with a rolled-fifty up their noses ?

    • I wouldn't call fifty miles or so "close proximity"?  Down here in the south of the county we don't encourage any of those yuppie things.  We enjoy more traditional consumables that we can grow ourselves.

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