I received a present of an excellent book for Christmas.

Dog Training Made Easy
Dog Training Made Easy
[by Julia Barnes]

The book goes into great detail about the psychology of dogs and how there is a strict hierarchy within the pack.  The key to good training is for me to establish myself as the Alpha Male and everything else falls into place after that.

I started the training regime a few days ago.

She soon learned the difference between my soft dulcet tones when I was pleased with her, and my harsh voice when I was displeased.  I also kept a pocket full of little treats for when she was obedient.

The simple commands worked well and she soon learned to “sit” and “lie down” on command.  Even the “roll over” command works quite well.  The “stay” command was a little trickier for as soon as I turned my back she would hare off into the bushes and I would have a job coaxing her back out again.

House training is proving to be a bit of a problem.  Most mornings when I come down to the kitchen there are a couple of yellow puddles on the floor.  For some strange reason she sees nothing wrong in squatting for a quick pee in the kitchen.   It’s quite embarrassing when we have visitors.  I have taken to throwing her out into the garden first thing, and again any time she looks like she might be going to squat.  She doesn’t like that when it’s raining outside but that is tough shit.

It’s a long and slow process, but we are getting there.

At this rate she should be fully trained in a couple of weeks.

Then I’ll start work on the dog.

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Training Days — 13 Comments

    • She does occasionally, as far as I know.

      As for dinner, I do the cooking in this house ever since that Bromide incident.

  1. It's also very satisfying when you train a dog to do simple yet necessary things like holding their bladder overnight. Took me a few days to make Ozzie realise that he wasn't in the animal shelter anymore, in otherwords; he couldn't lift his leg anytime he wanted to indoors. We even allow him to sleep up in the room with us at night (in a bed of his own, mind).

    I don't suppose there's anything in the book that teaches dog how to stop stealing sandwiches or toast when your back's turned? That look he gives you when you come back in with your mug of tea and he's licking his chops – "What?? Did I do something??!

  2. Strange- I knew it was coming but I still had a good laff at the punchline, it must be the way you tell 'em!

    Happy New Year

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