They reckon the Referendum on children’s rights is going to be passed.

58% said they would vote Yes, while 4% said they would vote No.

What is very interesting about this is that 90% said they hadn’t a fucking clue what the referendum was about.

So 52% of the voters are changing the constitution but they don’t know what the hell they are voting for?  Personally I find that rather scary. 

Of course you only have to mention “protecting the children” and people go all gooey-eyed and rush to do their bit.  The children must be protected at all costs.  The fact that these Yes voters are giving more power to the State to intervene in children’s lives is irrelevant.  The fact that giving the state any more power than a 9V battery is downright dangerous is irrelevant.  We must think of the children.

What these fucking idiots forget is that not all children are blue eyed, golden haired little Pollyannas.

Children have a habit of growing up.


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The dumb leading the dumb — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, as soon as you mention the children, 99% of people stop thinking straight.  Mention anything negatively and they start looking at you as if you are Vlad the Impaler.

    Won't anyone think of the cheeeeeldren!

  2. Irritating children should get the boot.

    Politicians behave like irritating children.

    Therefore irritating politicians should get the boot.


    Now that's a logical syllogism. I can think. So the Italian philosopher guy who wrote in the Irish Times saying they should introduce philosophy into the school syllabus is thinking through his stuffy nose. I passed the Leaving Cert and know how to think, thank you.

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