I was sent an article last week.

Matthew Liao, the director of the bioethics program and an associate professor in the Centre for Bioethics in the Department of Philosophy at New York University is worried about Climate Change.


He starts off his article by claiming that “human-induced climate change is one of the biggest problems that we face today”.


The biggest problem we face today is nut cases and people with self-serving agendas reckoning they know what is wrong with us all and trying to force their fucking agendas down our throats.

Now this little twat reckons that the solution to the largely debunked “climate change” is human engineering.  When I first read the article my reaction was one of amazement that anyone should even consider such a thing, let alone an apparently educated man.

But then I got thinking.  Maybe he has a point after all.  He talks about it being a selective and voluntary thing, so let’s bring it on.  Let all those devout believers of the Church of Climate Change indulge themselves in a spot of human engineering.  Let then inject themselves with sterilising agents.  Let them wear patches that make red meat taste revolting.  Let them engineer their children so they are only six inches tall. 

Within a generation, their human engineering will have neatly killed off the entire congregation of the Climate Change Church.  No more believers.  Problem solved and the rest of us can get on with our lives.

But then I spotted something, and things turned serious again.

He mentioned the concept of pharmaceutical patches to administer his hormone induced changes and the alarm bells started ringing.  Where have I heard that before?  Ah yes.  Nicotine patches.

By creating an imaginary fear, Big Pharma has done very well out of the smoking scares.  What is to stop them cashing in on the imaginary Climate Change bandwaggon?  Nothing.  Half the work is already done.  All Big Pharma has to do is rack up the pressure on their global mouthpiece – the WHO, to force governments into implementing compulsory climate saving measures.

Think I’m daft?

Twenty years ago I would have said the idea of trying to forcing nicotine patches on everyone was a lunatic conspiracy theory.

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Saving the world one patch at a time — 14 Comments

    • I couldn't agree more.  But like any religion, its adherents and followers will just say we are wrong without producing any substantive proof.  The big problem is that it's a religion with some pretty influential gobshites people.

  1. Good Lord! That's one of the scariest articles I've ever read. The guy is dangerously irresponsible and utterly bonkers. 

    • He is a complete lunatic, but not untypical of a Warmist.  As I said, it wouldn't surprise me if he gave Big Pharma some crazy ideas?  They are utterly without scruples and it's the kind of madness they are happy to turn to their advantage.


    Brilliant post, Grandad.  Although, the priests of the Church of Climate Change will not alter themselves. It is the believers in the Church of Climate Change who will volunteer, then it will become mandatory.

    This IS the Century for Change. We are going into a scientifically controlled world system, and the taking over of the whole of the world's resources, including human resources.  All this hinges on Climate Change, which makes humanity itself the enemy. That is why they won't let go of this climate bs, because it is a huge part of their plan.

    They have talked about subduing the populace into this peaceful society while they say themselves, like Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years. He said, WE must remain wild. WE are the leaders of the world. WE mustn’t alter ourselves. But the general population won’t need their higher critical thinking abilities, their survival abilities, personal survival, he says, because the State will be making all their decisions for them. That’s the future that they have envisioned and that’s what they want to bring in.

    Charles Galton Darwin too, also said that we the elite will change the general population – they’re talking about biologically, physically, and every other way, and dumb us down too. But he also said that we the elite must not change ourselves. He says, we must retain our original brains, our capacity to be wild men, he said, because we’ll be steering planet Earth, we are the captains of the ship so we can’t basically dumb ourselves down, etc, etc. And it’s a must-book to read to find out that the eugenicists are hard at work. And he was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, the atomic bomb. He was no dumb-dumb himself. You’ll see from the horse’s mouth if you read that book what they had in store. Now, when they talk about altering you physically and altering you mentally, they don’t kid around. They’re not going to come out and say, please, we need volunteers, because there’s too many of you, we don’t like having so many of you, and you eventually give us problems so we’re going to dumb you down and effeminize you and all the rest of it, you see, so that you won’t fight us in the future.


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