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  1. God!  I couldn't agree with you more.  I HATE Cyclists.  I use to drive a '75 Chevy Caprice Classic convertable that needed a ring job.  I use to love carefully passing a gaggle of Cyclists.  Getting just a bit in front of them and stomping on the gas pedal leaving them in a huge cloud of oily smoke.  🙂

  2. Same problem here in the States, especially in Vermont where these Cyclists feel the hills and mountains to be a "challange" (they are) and the land to be beautiful (it is). Nothing like coming around a blind corner on a small country lane and finding a bunch a spandex clad bums stretching across half the lane and a fuel oil truck coming the other way.


    And what's with the air brushed tits anyway?

  3. outfits *pah* it's as silly as the joggers or "power walkers" we have now…whats wrong with normal clothes and  a pair of sneakers/runners?

    btw i do like the font now, much easier to read and i'm getting used to the comment bit..nice work

    • I blame the fucking Americans.  They're the ones who started all this "fitness" shit.

      Don't worry about the comments – I'm still getting used to 'em too.  At least now I can hold a decent conversation without flipping up and down the page!  😀

      • I blame the fucking Americans. They're the ones who started all this "fitness" shit


        Ironic, isn't it? The same place that also invented fast food, fat kids and morbidly obese adults 😀

      • I blame the fucking Americans.They're the ones who started all this "fitness" shit.

        I just want it noted, that I take gross exception to that statement.

        Have a nice day dudes.  

  4. I quite like cyclists and bicycles. Prefer motorcycles, but nevertheless a bicycle is not taxed or registered and is probably the last mode of transport free from State interference. I don’t have any gay crappy lycra, however, because it is gay.

    • As I said, I have nothing against cyclists myself.  A bike is a great cheap way of getting around and in my younger days I was never without my old cycle-clips in my pocket.

      Does anyone use cycle-clips these days?  Are they even sold any more?

  5. why don't they use the cycle lanes. There is a perfectly good one near where I live running beside the busy main road. But they are the only cyclists that don't use it. 

    • Welcome Joe!   Wearing Spandex and bananas signifies that they are certified green tree-huggers, and therefore are superior to the rest of us.  Not only do they own the cycle lanes but have full rights to the rest of the road as well.

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