The devil is in the detail — 36 Comments

    • 😀  Good one!  A spiked pint!  I sincerely hope they don't serve Guinness that looks like that in Merka?

      • I had a sup of a pint of guinness there in the U.S. on Saturday night.. it was woeful shite but to be fair I don't drink that stuff here.. so maybe it'd be good to the seasoned drinker –  I doubt it though.

        T'was not very awesome at all at all.

  1. Even with the power of the Googles,  I haven't a clue.  Very intriguing.  Surely it must be some sort of fruit or vegetable?

    • "It is not part of anyone’s anatomy!"  If your finger looks like that, maybe you should see a doctor?

    • Funny you should say that, Cat.  Our Penny has a spiky rubber ball not unlike that, except that her ball is blue and has a rope attached.  She's not interested in it!

    • Welcome, Crikey!  I confess I had never heard of a zester before [had to look it up]. I learn something new each day.

      I am about to put yiz all out of your misery shortly.

  2. Looks a bit like my kitchen ceiling after the chip-pan fire!

    Come on GD, I can't stand the suspense.

    • Welcome, Kath!  Your comment arrived just as I posted today's effort so the solution is there in all its glory.

      There again, the site fucked up big time this morning so you may not have seen that I posted!  🙁

  3. Its not part of anyone's anatomy eh!.

    Yours maybe though GD

    Were ya taking pictures of yer arse? Looks like you need a shave heh!.

    Maybe its the dogs arse after having a shave…..

    Fukkit….its got to be what remains in your Pension Pot after the Gubmint has fucked it all up.

    The bottom on your environmentally sound clean green and Phil Hogan approved septic tank.

    The Bank Managers tongue….spiked for maximum cash extraction.


    • Hah!  Wrong on all accounts.  Nicely inventive though?  I like the Bank Mangers tongue one.  🙂

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