How sad can society get?

What hope is there for the future when the yoof of today are so gullible and so easily sucked in by advertising that they queue for a week for this?

It’s just a mobile phone for fuck’s sake!  Not much different from thousands of other phones on the market.  Maybe a little better at some things and maybe a little worse.

I wouldn’t mind but they could walk into any shop and buy one in a couple of weeks.

And if they wait for a month or two they will probably find it has been superseded by the iPhone 6.

If ever you wondered why governments can walk all over people, then here is your answer.

Mindless fucking drones.

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An Apple for the Sheeple — 6 Comments

  1. Heh!  Would he have been so tempted if there hadn’t been such a fuss?  I notice all ports and airports are on full alert for him?  It must really class as a Major Crime!

  2. Bush telegraph may still be an ecologically sound option. Bring on the tomtom drums.

    The north American Indians (aka. Native Americans) were fond of smoking the pipe of peace (here’s looking at you Grandad) and also employed the smoke from the wood fires that roasted hunted buffalo/scalped paleface imperialists, for sending up smoke signalsto tribal friends and relatives.

    So don’t throw away that unfashionable mobile and buy model 3.0 – Just think laterally and save money.

  3. Sean – The odd indulgence in a drop of trunkation is perfectly legal.  I looked it up.  It may be a sin though.  Not sure about that……

    Ger – Why don’t they just do the sensible thing – wait until their old phone dies?  Apple are just laughing all the way to the bank.

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