Applying more Band Aid — 8 Comments

  1. However badly flawed or out of date our constitution is, I certainly don’t see anyone on the political horizon that could do better. If the Gubmint had an expensive re-hash of the constitution I’ll bet the supreme courts would be full for years after and all we would have is another generation of legal bods and tribunal holders making unexplained millions.

  2. It’s another 3 card trick by the gubmint.  This isn’t for the children, it’s slight of hand from the shite that going on at the moment.  If the gubmint really did care then the state would be having a referendum on parental responsibilities.  Let try to be original and stay away from the idiots in Europe (the elected ruling class).

  3. It’s just to make us all more American – don’t they have a constitution with loads of amendments.
    And when you try to find out who is responsible? Yup – they take the fifth.

  4. A blog comment to a recent Irish Times article on the proposed constitutional change made me think. The wiseguy asked: What is the difference between a social worker and a rottweiler?

    The answer:- Parents have a chance of snatching their children back from a rottweiler.

  5. From all I read in Christopher Booker’s column, that rings perfectly true.  The State seems to grab kids almost at random and it is then nigh on impossible to get them back.  That is worrying!

  6. By using many methods they have gradually taken away the rights and sovereignty of the individual, and taken away the sovereignty of states, then nations, as regions are formed, consolidating power by harmonizing the political and bureaucratic regulatory structure… therefore eventually all control is in the hands of the United Nations and their Rule of Law and their International Courts / Global Governance.
    The terrifying power of the State over families: Ireland beware

    UN Childrens Rights

    Working with Highly Resistant Parents

  7. Quiet Reader – Of those three links, the last is the most worrying.  Basically what they are saying is that if they come to take your child and you resist, then you are in the wrong.  If on the other hand you cooperate, then you are being devious and are in the wrong.  It is impossible to win in this situation.  It has Jack Boot State whritten all over it.

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