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  1. Smell a rat? This rat has been stinking to high heaven for years. As has oft been said, the issues around smoking bans have never been about health. It’s all about maximising sales of NRT.
    Big Pharma funds the WHO, the WHO drafts the FCTC which all nations are pressured to sign up to, ker-chinggg, the Pharma tills start ringing, to the tune of billions.
    And Big Pharma don’t make snus, and they don’t make e-cigs.
    The competition must be neutralised. Hence the tone of the report.

  2. Nisakiman – The problem is that most people don’t seem to realise the obvious.  Even when it is put under their noses in black and white [or in the case above, in ink and Tippex] they still believe the party line that it’s about health.

  3. Interestingly I have noticed recently that these electronic cigarettes are now included on in flight announcements regarding the “no smoking on the flight.”

  4. @ Mossy – That was probably their biggest selling point. For most smokers, flying long-haul without a ciggy was miserable (air-rage, anyone? Started happening at the same time they were banning smoking on all flights). Then along came e-cigs, and the problem was (kind of) solved. I seem to remember that Ryanair was actually giving them to passengers some time ago. Then some of the (predictably) American airlines started banning them, because “it looks like smoking” (WTF?). Now e-cig bans are becoming ever more common.
    I have wondered, however, if they would set off the smoke alarm in the airplane loo. If they don’t smell, and they don’t make smoke, what’s to stop anyone nipping into the bog for a crafty puff?
    I’ve not tried e-cigs yet, but I was thinking of getting one mainly for those long-haul flights. Up to now I’ve tended to choose flights with a stopover for that very reason, even though it doesn’t bother me too much to go without a fag for a fifteen hour flight. But I do prefer to get a ciggy break and stretch my legs a bit.

  5. One of the big arguments that the Tobacco Control Industry has against e-cigs is that they “look” like smoking.  Apparently anything that is cylindrical, white and goes in the mouth is enough to kill everyone within a ten mile radius?  Of course, there was that incident a couple of months ago where an entire motorway was shut down because of an electronic fag! 

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