My choice for a face once again comes from our illustrious gubmint.

Once again, by sheer coincidence we are into Health Minister territory.

There seems to be some unwritten law that the Heath Minister of the day has to be a fat ugly cunt.

James “Slim” Reilly

You may remember my mentioning this latest incumbent in the past.  One his first acts on being appointed was to buy himself a couple of top of the range coffee machines because he was too fucking fat, or lazy, or both to walk down a fucking corridor.

When Reilly was first appointed, I had a glimmer of hope that things might improve in the health arena.  Did they?  Did they, fuck!  Essentially what he has managed to do is to dismantle the old health service which was the HSE disaster dreamt up by Mad Cow Harney and replace it with….  well, nothing really.

So now hospital beds are being closed at a rate of knots.  Old folk are having their Health Visitor visits removed and once again the whole health system is in a shambles.  Chaos reigns supreme.

Need I mention the fact that this cunt wants to double the price of tobacco in the next couple of years?

Before the election, Reilly was an affable sort of character.  He occasionally appeared on chat shows and was always up for a laugh.  After the election he became a miserable cunt who hides away in his office like some modern day Gollum.

His is definitely a face that could be improved with the imprint of a size 12 boot.

The Faces collection.

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Faces I could never tire of kicking – 8 — 12 Comments


    Diana Abbott, Shadow Minister for Public Health.

    You really couldn’t make it up. Whichever leftie cunt made this appointment at least has a fucking great sense of humour.

  2. Humph – Ah!  The illustrious Diane,  I have heard quite a bit about her over on the UK sites.  She would fit in well here.

    John – You had your chance and you made a bollix of it.

  3. He was on the television one night and my brother turned to me and said: Brendan Grace has really let himself go.
    There is a resemblance I suppose, if only that they are both annoying cunts who weren’t always annoying cunts.

  4. I saw Ruairi Quinn on the television tonight. The last shot was him walking away from the camera. Just at that moment I thought, what a perfect head he has for someone to stick an axe in. A good slap would do it, and then a firm twist. I imagine his skull to make a sound as satisfying as a coconut being cracked open. 

  5. JD – You got stuck in the works again!  You have a point there.  Has anyone ever seen Reilly and Brendan Grace in the same room together?  Could Reilly actually have a stand-up funny side?  Nah!  Can’t see it.

  6.  I dont know whats the matter with people over there councilors getting huge payoffs when they become TD, a rise of €90k for some jobsworth, Biffo swanning around golf courses after trousering €150k pension. Are people out in the streets protesting….no but they come out the support the Quinns need and more be said. 

  7. Peacock – The residents of this blighted isle never cease to amaze me.  I honestly think the only way you will ever get the Irish to rebel is to switch off Facebook.

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