Faces I could never tire of kicking – 8 — 12 Comments


    Diana Abbott, Shadow Minister for Public Health.

    You really couldn’t make it up. Whichever leftie cunt made this appointment at least has a fucking great sense of humour.

  2. By the look of him Grandad, someone got there before you, or are my glasses out of focus again ?

  3. Humph – Ah!  The illustrious Diane,  I have heard quite a bit about her over on the UK sites.  She would fit in well here.

    John – You had your chance and you made a bollix of it.

  4. He was on the television one night and my brother turned to me and said: Brendan Grace has really let himself go.
    There is a resemblance I suppose, if only that they are both annoying cunts who weren’t always annoying cunts.

  5. I saw Ruairi Quinn on the television tonight. The last shot was him walking away from the camera. Just at that moment I thought, what a perfect head he has for someone to stick an axe in. A good slap would do it, and then a firm twist. I imagine his skull to make a sound as satisfying as a coconut being cracked open. 

  6. JD – You got stuck in the works again!  You have a point there.  Has anyone ever seen Reilly and Brendan Grace in the same room together?  Could Reilly actually have a stand-up funny side?  Nah!  Can’t see it.

  7.  I dont know whats the matter with people over there councilors getting huge payoffs when they become TD, a rise of €90k for some jobsworth, Biffo swanning around golf courses after trousering €150k pension. Are people out in the streets protesting….no but they come out the support the Quinns need and more be said. 

  8. Peacock – The residents of this blighted isle never cease to amaze me.  I honestly think the only way you will ever get the Irish to rebel is to switch off Facebook.

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