I don’t think it’s any secret that I like dogs.

Dogs are loyal, affectionate and don’t demand birthday presents.

However I do have to qualify my liking as I am not the greatest admirer of small yappy dogs.  I’m talking about your Toy-Poodles, your Jack Russells, your Chihuahuas and so on.

Unfortunately Herself Is a lover of said yappy dogs which I don’t understand.  They are aggressive, a nuisance and, well, yappy.  There again, maybe I do understand why Herself likes ‘em?

There was a bit of a debate before we went over to ASH.  She wanted a yapper and I wanted a proper dog.  In the end we compromised and got a smallish middle sized Penny.


She is grand.  She is bouncy and very very affectionate.  Apart from rolling on her back for a tummy tickle just in front of me when I’m walking I don’t trip over her much.  And she hasn’t bitten my ankles once.


Isn’t there always an “however”?

Her bark is just a tad on the yappy side.

I’m used to Sandy’s bark which was deep enough to make any unwelcome visitors shit themselves, whereas Penny’s bark verges on a non-threatening irritation.

Something had to be done.

Spanner had an old loudspeaker in his garage.  I think he nicked it at a pop concert some years ago as it is fucking HUGE!  It’s bigger than a wardrobe.  He said I am welcome to it.

So anyway, I placed microphones all around the house and hooked them through an amplifier and into the wardrobe speaker.  Now if Penny so much as yips, the sound is amplified and comes out as a deep roar that echoes around the valleys and cracks windows for miles around.

Just what I needed.

It’s so damned good, I think I will patent my large speaker system.

I think I’ll call it The Woofer.

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Her bite is worse than her bark — 4 Comments

  1. Great to see she’s fitting in, GD. You can definitely see both breeds in that photo as well. I’m lucky enough with my Jack Daniels Russell, Ozzie, who I picked up from the local S.C.A.R. shelter. He’s as quiet as a mouse and timid as a lamb.
    Unlike my neighbour’s dogs from three doors up, whose barks would penetrate ten feet of solid concrete. Ones a HUGE black and white ‘somethingajig’ cross and the others a rusty coloured Terrier cross. As my Dad would say – “a good kit-e-kat sandwich would do the trick there”

  2. tt – Irish Yap Hound.

    Cat – She is a fierce vain animal.  I swear she deliberately puts on a pose if there is a camera around.

    InisEanna – We used to have a Jack Russell and Penny looks like a larger version of her.  Penny is an extremely quiet dog though and rarely barks.  The only two things that set her off are strangers or other dogs at the gate, which is brilliant!  A couple of times she has found a cat in the garden, but her method of attack is silent speed.  I still marvel at how fast she is, as do the local cats!

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