Her bite is worse than her bark — 4 Comments

  1. Great to see she’s fitting in, GD. You can definitely see both breeds in that photo as well. I’m lucky enough with my Jack Daniels Russell, Ozzie, who I picked up from the local S.C.A.R. shelter. He’s as quiet as a mouse and timid as a lamb.
    Unlike my neighbour’s dogs from three doors up, whose barks would penetrate ten feet of solid concrete. Ones a HUGE black and white ‘somethingajig’ cross and the others a rusty coloured Terrier cross. As my Dad would say – “a good kit-e-kat sandwich would do the trick there”

  2. tt – Irish Yap Hound.

    Cat – She is a fierce vain animal.  I swear she deliberately puts on a pose if there is a camera around.

    InisEanna – We used to have a Jack Russell and Penny looks like a larger version of her.  Penny is an extremely quiet dog though and rarely barks.  The only two things that set her off are strangers or other dogs at the gate, which is brilliant!  A couple of times she has found a cat in the garden, but her method of attack is silent speed.  I still marvel at how fast she is, as do the local cats!

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