I have a wee yoke at the bottom of my screen here.

It tells me the actual temperature and the perceived temperature.


Nine fucking degrees!

And I can testify that the other figure is reasonably correct – though step outside the house and it actually feels a lot colder than six.

It is fucking freezing out there

The only bright spot is that there is no rain, which makes a big change.

So where the fuck is Global Warming?

According to cunts like Gore, I should be growing grapes and cacti all year round by now.  We are supposed to be emigrating north to cooler climates.  So where the fuck are all these high temperatures he warned us about?

I am paying carbon tax on my heating oil because burning it adds to Global Warming, yet I am having to burn that oil because of Global Fucking Cooling.

Methinks it’s time to wrap up warm and go out to burn a few car tyres.

Anything to hasten on a drop of climate change.

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Ice Age — 11 Comments

  1. It’s winter in May.  That’s proof of Global Climate Change.
    It’s 80DEGF here.  That’s proof of Global Climate Change.
    You just have to believe.  Never mind that man behind the curtain.
    Since it’s too hot to burn a ton of coal in the backyard I think I’ll just start my car and let it idle all afternoon.

  2. Global colding, thats what it is and the name of this new season is Octember which has four seasons every five minutes and lasts nine months. The other three its just fucking freezing and dark.

  3. Brianf. I hate you and your 80f for fucking degrees. Why can’t you send some over the pond. We need it more than you guys. Your coal and Gas is a lot cheaper there.

  4. If you idiots were on the Titanic you’d be burning the lifeboats to keep warm whilst exclaiming “Look at me, look at me. See how clever I am.” You really are stupid people.

  5. Brianf – My faith is sorely tried.  And Slab is right..  fuck off with your 80 degrees.  It just ain’t right.

    Slab – There is usually a heatwave caused by the Leaving Cert.  I’m pinning my hopes on that.  A summer of one, maybe two weeks.

    tt – Your Titanic ain’t just not sinking, it’s actually in dry-dock.

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    lovely balmy 18 here…sun out, big blue sky…bout time we got some damn global warming in our end of the world that usually  is a snowcone

    wrong email addy oopps

  7. Cat – Wrong email addy indeed.  I have a very nasty suspicion that you Mercans/Canuks have somehow robbed our weather.  Not good enough.  This will have to stop [or we’ll send you ALL our rain from June to September].

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