The sun is beaming down.

There is a smell of woodsmoke in the air.

The birds are going ballistic – blackbirds, several varieties of  finches, sparrows, tits of every shape and colour, wrens, pigeons, doves and loads more besides.  They are performing aerial ballet over The Manor and singing their little hearts out.

If  the rest of the world would only fuck off and leave me alone….

I’d be in heaven.

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Heaven — 11 Comments

  1. I’m enjoying the same GD, but with the added extra, a nice bottle of wine, Heavennnnnnnnnnnn until Jean Byrne fucks it up.

  2. I had no idea who Jean Byrne was – so I googled the name….. I’m now going to have to tune our tv into RTE  …. add this bird to your list GD

  3. All was going well here until some sod started mowing his lawn somewhere in the distance.  It just reminded me that the grass needs cutting here.

    Fuck it.

    It’ll do for another year.

  4. Cardi – To be honest the idea of Jean Byrne flying around my plot is a little surreal.  Something like a good LSD trip?   Now there is something I haven’t tried in a while?  Heh!

  5. i’m isle de la madeleine listening to waves splashing on the beach outside my cabin door…torture i tells ya just brutal *chink* cheers

  6. Cat – I just took a wee trip there [I like to broaden my education].  How the fuck did a piece of France stray that far?  Incidentally, it has exactly the same shape as a piece of snot I sneezed onto my laptop screen the other day.  [I must remember to wipe that off some time]

    Slab – Exceptionally sharp hearing, apart from the tinnitus, which means I can’t hear sounds at 12,300Hz.  Your lawnmower isn’t quite that fast.

    I’d stick that plug-in thingy back that lets people edit their comments but for two reasons –

    1) It slows the site down badly

    2) I like to see you make prats of yourselves!

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