In six weeks time we will vote on the Fiscal Treaty.

Of course we are being told to vote “yes”.  A yes vote will ensure more jobs, a secure future and marmalade on our toast every morning.  A yes vote will mean the Euro is safe.  A yes vote will show our commitment to Europe.

What a steaming pile of horseshit.

What short memories the sheeple have!

We were promised jobs and prosperity if we had a second vote on Lisbon. Can someone please tell me where those jobs and the prosperity are now?  I can’t see them.  We were promised a stronger, more united Europe.  Tell that to the Greeks.

Basically we have two options.

We can vote yes and hand the keys over to an unelected bunch of dictators in Brussels who don’t give a flying fuck about Ireland provided we keep pouring billions into their coffers. 

We can vote no and take our chances with the money markets.

We have a choice of the hangman or the firing squad.

A yes vote will not only lock us into permanent austerity, it will sign away forever our independence and sovereignty.  They might as well have German jackboots goose-stepping up O’Connell Street.

If we vote no, we at least retain a wee smidgin of dignity.  The scare stories [of which we are soon to hear plenty] will scream about no pay for our nurses and teachers.  They will shout about the drying up of the ATMs.  They will threaten us that Ireland will cease to have any money at all.

There is a simple answer to that.  If we stay within the Euro, and vote no, Europe will still have to bail us out if there is any threat to their precious fucking Euro.  They cannot afford to let us get into trouble or their Euro will collapse, closely followed by their wet-dream of a United States of Europe.

I know the sheeple will vote to accept the treaty.  They will lap up all the rhetoric and propaganda.  They will believe all the fairy tales of a bright and sunny future.  They will hear how the American Chamber of Commerce has called for a Yes vote [what the fuck?]. 

They will be voting for a lot more of this, so that they can pay for a lot more of this.

The sheeple will get what they deserve.


I’m beyond caring any more.

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Leading them to the abattoir — 12 Comments

  1. I still think that as long as the Euromuppets are coming in here with their briefcases telling us how we can spend the monies that they have kindly loaned us at 8%, then we don’t need this treaty to do the same thing. UNLESS the eurocrats think there’s a distinct possibility that Ireland could start to recover…. can’t have that now can we?  This all smells just like an abusive spouse’s actions, keep us all as subservants!  VOTE NO x2

  2. The banks are lending money at high interest to Ireland to pay back banks thats it in a nutshell. To me I dont know how anyone other then politicians and paid EU jobsworths would vote yes. 

  3. Not Green – If anyone is unhappy with the current financial situation then they would be insane to vote Yes.  Then we would have the fucking Three Stooges here on a permanent basis.

    Mossy – Come home!  Please?

    Peacock – I have listened to a fair bit of rhetoric about this damned election already.  Every single Yes proponent’s argument boils down to “it’s good for Europe”.  So far I have heard fuck all about it being “good for Ireland”.

  4. Why is it that lately all you can hear the government talk about is numbers – not people. And as regards evictions, if that’s the way middle class people are being treated, how many working class couples have been doled out this kind of treatment?
    Also, I think that the fall of the Eurozone and (hopefully) the EU itself is a case of WHEN – not IF. Sooner or later it’s going to implode on itself and the further away this country is from the mess when it happens the better.
    So I think that’ll be a big fucking NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! vote from myself in six weeks time.

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but…didn’t you folk just sorta do this a little over a year ago?

    And…what? You’re so happy with the results you feel like doubling down?

    Thank Thor we over here live in a real Democracy where we vote the bastards out every 4 years…

    ; ‘   )

  6. InisEanna – Actually the fall of the Euro may not be that far off.  It may been soon enough to make our election somewhat moot?

    Doc – Don’t worry – we’re just as confused.  The last referendum was for the Lisbon Treaty [i.e. European Constitution, but they didn’t want us to know that].  We got it wrong the first time by voting no, but they kindly let us vote a second time to get it right.

    This coming referendum [and we have to have a referendum it there is a proposed change to out constitution] writes into our constitution a section giving the EU permanent and total control over our finances.  If we spend too much, they give us a mighty slap on the wrist and a heavy fine.  Take note – our constitution will place the EU superior to our government.  There will be no chance to reverse this decision as that would require a further referendum and the government [or Europe] just ain’t ever going to allow that.

  7. Suuuuuurely FG/Labore/Fianna Failure must know that they’re commiting political suicide (not to mention treason) by trying to push the people towards a yes vote in this farce? Or maybe they are as thick as they’re making themselves out to be….
    Bear in mind also folks that with the benefit of hindsight, any person with their noodles intact would know that at the end of the day – just like with Maastricht and Lisbon – the public will only be told what Merkel & Co. want them to know. There’s a very important lesson for everybody to learn there. Remember this old saying in six weeks as you go to the polling stations:
    “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me

    One more point I’d like to make is that more and more people are slowly coming to the realisation that Ireland’s political system at this stage is completely inept, self serving and VERY prone to corruption; it needs to be completely wiped clean and for something totally new and diffrerent to take its place.
    GD: I heard similar talk on Vincent Browne from a group of Financial Wizards that this is a realistic possibiility in the near future. Let’s hope sooner rather than later. If this became a reality then I’d be the first to wipe my hole with a €50 note and send it to the ECB.

  8. Well, when you ‘splain it like that, where’s the harm?

    What could possibly go wrong with voting yourselves into indentured slavery to -if I understand this correctly- a buncha ferners?

    I ‘spect the EU are filne folk who have nothing but your best interests at heart.

    Don’t all politicians?

  9. I know that all we’ve heard from our government is that at present, without the EU this country would fail to function economically.That may be the case, but at a very heavy price.
    To use an analogy; I’d rather sail the rough seas on my own than be captained by a fool on a sinking ship….

  10. InisEanna – I think the main parties know only too well that they are risking suicide, now that the latest polls are out.  Sinn Fein is now the second most popular party?  I never thought I would see the day.  As for failing to function without the EU – it is precisely because we are in the EU [or more precisely because we are in the Eurozone] that out financial collapse happened in the first plac

    Doc – I think you have a grasp on it now.  D’you know anywhere I can quickly learn German?  It could be handy when they set up the Gulags.

  11. They may be among the best of a bad bunch, but I still don’t know if I could completely trust SF – a party who are vehemently opposing austerity on one side of the border, but are taking part in implementing austerity on the other side. Mind you, can you imagine the likes of Gerry Adams negotiating with Merkel? 😀
    I think what I was trying to get at on the EU membership issue was that before the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties this country was by no means rich, however in terms of sovereignty and social contentment we were extremely well off.

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