Frucking fracking — 15 Comments

  1. fracking, oo here thats one mess of vipers to start talking about. we have alot of shale in nova scotia, the have nots want to frack the haves are nimby on it and the riots begin

  2. GD, I’m sure I read something a while back about oil being found of the coast of Cork.

  3. tt – Language!  Please!!  There are ladies present.

    JOSMan – I had a funny feeling someone would say that.  OK, so I’m not fully up to date with the news, but frankly I’m a lot healthier for that!

    Cat – They can frack in my back yard if they like, but they will be charged through the nose for the privilege.  And the can fuck off with any CPOs or shit like that.  It will be a case of The Wicklow One!

    Jan M – They keep finding oil, gas and all sorts of shit but invariably back off because it is not “commercially viable”.  They found gold too, in Mayo.  Their problem there was that it is under Croach Patrick, which is a “sacred” mountain.  Heh!

  4. By the way, these are the same corporations that are bribing/paying off the odd rogue “scientist” to deny that climate change is man made.

  5. If Ray Burke (cunt) had’nt given all of our mineral and gas rights away and we had access to them, we would’nt be having this debate. We would’nt be in this economic crisis either.

    Norway has control of its resources, they also kept their own political and fiscal control from Europe and are argueably one of the richest countrys. There are no contributions to pensions. They are automatically free, paid for by the state from the valuable natural resources. 

    Its beyond the time for our Gubmint (Gobshites) to take real control of our Country.

    Argentina have the right idea. They nationalised Repsol there and they now own the oilwells. That took Balls LabourGael don’t have.    

  6. The reason Chaves of Venezuela is demonized by the US is because he kicked out all the foreign oil companies and took over the oil for the benefit of Venezuela. I’m was just reading now that Kenny of Goldman Sucks telling the surfs he will cut their water off if they dont pay.

  7. They’ll throw old folks out of their homes for owing Anglo money, will they throw Shanie or any of the other cunts out of their homes. What the fuck is this country coming to???

  8. Watched that video this morning, Garda standing by watching a man being assaulted and doing nothing. If he had lifted his hand to defend himself he would have been arrested for assault. What kind of justice is that ?

  9. I saw that video of the eviction.  You are spot on, Slab.  We really are back in the dark times.

    tt – Had to look that up, but so true!! 

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