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  1. I read that the ‘big-Phara’ received a legal ruling from the various gogmints to exclude any legal responsibility if anything went wrong with anybody who took the ‘flu injection.
    What a travisty of justice !

  2. A Grandad – I heard that too.  Happy coincidence for them?  Or did they know in advance that they were selling shit?  Actually I quite like Gogmints!

    Patrick & Mossy – Will yiz leave tt alone with his happy dreams.

  3. Oh! for fuck sake!

    Yes Big Pharma make a shit load of money outta fear and false info. Remember Thalidomide.

    The misery that shit caused, Thankfully my Mother had more sense. That shit is still in use in Country’s where, believe it or not, Leprocy is an issue. Apparantly it cures Leprocy but the users of this crap cant read the english instructions, get pregnant and the rest is as you imagine, hell.  

    Big Pharma just like most of The Medical Profession (Except Nurses)  is  paracitic, it makes its money on the misery of the sick and dying. 

    Lets not confuse the issue though GD, Smoking will kill you, Cancer being the major desease to do the damage.

  4. Aortic aneurysms
    bladder cancer
    cerebrovascular disease
    cervical cancer
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    coronary heart disease
    esophageal cancer
    kidney cancer
    laryngeal cancer
    lung cancer
    complications of pregnancy
    oral cavity and tongue cancer
    pancreatic cancer
    peripheral vascular disease
    pharyngeal cancer
    stomach cancer.
    Just a little list for your perusal, GD.

  5. Very interesting Granddad, tried Champix 4 yrs ago, after 5 weeks into the course had to stop taking it, had a totally dreadful side effect, (they don’t print that  “booklet” that you can’t read without a microscope for nothing?), I was one of the 1 in 100,000 that had a whatever, not suicidal, a nasty physical reaction that landed me in hospital for a month, but better now, my nails don’t peel of anymore.

  6. Slab – You miss my point.  I’m not trying to prove that smoking doesn’t cause cancer [I’ll leave that ’til another day].  I am merely pointing out that Big Pharma are using the very opposite argument to the usual one when it suits them.

    And incidentally, you forgot Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Glue Ear and Ingrown Toenails.  Actually the last, I think they are still working on.

    Jam M – Big Pharma still swear blind that Champix is harmless and they keep pushing it.  Even worse, they are now trying to use it to treat alcoholism.  It is a dangerous drug and should be removed from circulation immediately. 

  7. You just watch out for the complications of pregnancy. Its on that list. Try explain that one to the Doc!

  8. Slab,  My mother was pregnant from 1950 until 1962.  She had 9 kids.  She smoked during all her pregnancies.  I guess she didn’t get the memo because all her kids came out just fine.

  9. Quiet Reader – I’m not really one for conspiracy theories, but I have to agree that the truth behind vaccinations would make some “interesting” reading.  When you look at the huge list of potential side effects to any medication and then take into account the simple fact that they are going to massively underplay the figures, you realise how much damage artificial medication does on a global scale.  Of course Big Pharma loves side effects as they can then sell even more medication to overcome the side effects of the first.

  10. “Quiet Reader – I’m not really one for conspiracy theories,”
    You have got to be kidding! You are all about conspiracy theories.

  11. “Slab,  My mother was pregnant from 1950 until 1962”   Thats some gestation period.

  12. TT – Am I?  Please enlighten.  Though I do agree about the gestation period – 12 years is quite something.

    As I’ve mentioned before, there is a stigma on the word conspiracy. In reality, there is an action plan in motion by the people who control the planet. The evidence is plain, though some may deny it, or not want to face it. Take the time to look at the site, read books by ones in the know. Hell, just look around you.  

    The Shape of Things to Come – by H. G. Wells
    In the Minds of Men by Ian T. Taylor
    Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell
    The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin
    Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley
    Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley
    The Open Conspiracy by H. G. Wells.
    The Prince by Nicholo Machiavell
    Between two Ages by Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Education and the Good Life by Bertrand Russell

    I can suggest other books, if anyone is interested.  


  14. Quiet Reader – I don’t doubt for a second that the world is going to hell on a handcart, but I have a bit of a problem with the theory that there is some coordinated and deliberate effort behind it.  Frankly I doubt there are many intelligent to pull off a stunt like that and some whistle blower would have provided proof by now.  Sorry, but I am just a believer in corporate greed, and old fashioned incompetence.  This could be a subject for debate sometime?

    I know it seems impossible, but it ain’t. Generations of the same families staying in control using the monetary system and war, with the UN as their front for global governance along with non-governmental orgs, foundations, and puppet governments, and the school system, the media, and change-agents at a local level. It’s hard to recognize too because it’s been a planned gradual transformation over many many years.

    Whistle blowers? I’ve given links and books from their own historian and of those who worked directly for them. Of course there is so much more detail, but I’m trying to keep it simple.   

    There is a lot of info out there, along with disinfo put out to make the truth look silly.  Maybe this will shed some light.

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