People do use the strangest queries to arrive on this site.

I had one a few minutes ago – “where is Cavan”.

There are two things that are strange about this query.  The first is why they ended up here.  Presumably in a moment of pure insanity I must have written about the place but I can’t think why.

The other strange thing is that anyone would want to know where Cavan is in the first place.

One of the few lessons I remember from my schooldays is that Cavan in on the Drumlin Belt.  For those of you who don’t know what the Drumlin Belt is, it’s a glacial thing where the landscape is covered in little hills.  Because there are so many of these hills, water can’t flow out of the place to you end up with hundreds of little lakes.  As a result, Cavan is somewhat waterlogged and bumpy.

Finding Cavan is a reasonably simple exercise.  All you have to do is to start in Dublin and drive North.  Don’t drive too far because you’ll end up on the Giant’s Causeway.  Though on second thoughts, the Giants Causeway is an interesting spot so you are probably better off forgetting Cavan and heading there instead.

If you are so determined to find Cavan though, you stop driving north when you reach the border with Norn Iron.  Now it can be tricky finding the actual border, but a fairly simple rule is that the speed signs suddenly change from metric into real money.  Leastwise, at that point change direction and head due west.

You’ll know when you reach Cavan.  It’s all hills and lakes and very few people live there.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if the few locals that do exist have webbed feet.

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Finding Cavan — 11 Comments

  1. Since moving to Northern Ireland over two years ago now, one of the earliest things I discovered was that even C***n people don’t like C***n. From what I can see, most of them spend a good chunk of their time residing in Fermanagh instead. Unfortunately as a result, this place has a far higher proportion of morons on the roads than anywhere else in Ireland.
    I get a horrible feeling when crossing into the county. I don’t mind the existence of County Monaghan too much, but I draw the line at County C***n. Absolutely hate the place, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t.

  2. I bought a new satnav the other day. Made by Rober Frost Inc. First time I used it it said “When you come to the fork take the road less travelled.”

  3. Reaper – Jayzus but that will please the few people who do live there.  They probably wouldn’t understand your comment anyway.  Certainly I can never understand them.

    Sham – You could be right.  What was the question?

    I trust you will all buy my new book?  It’s called “The Passion of Patrick and TT”

  4. I don’t think those were his precise words.  Nice to have him back though.  [Don’t tell him I said that, for fuck’s sake!]

  5. There’s a tear in my eye, no I mean it there’s a tear in my eye, about a half inch across.
    I see tt has grown up since I last saw him, he’s TT now. All growed up and looking for lurv – try the dockyard, there must be one matelot drunk enough to take yer cherry.

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