I woke up this morning.

This was a big surprise as I didn’t expect to.  I knew the world was going to end yesterday so I was fully resigned to the idea that today I would be in Heaven, Hell, Milton Keynes or somewhere else where the dead go.

So when Sandy woke me this morning with a particularly liquid face-wash my first thought was that I must be in Hell.  But maybe that was just the aftereffects of Sandy’s breath.

There is only one conclusion I can come to – that I am dead, and the Afterlife is exactly the same as the previous one.  But if this is Heaven, how come Herself hasn’t been replaced by Sharon?  Or if it’s Hell then why is Herself moaning about the chill?  None of it adds up.  It’s certainly not Milton Keynes as the view out the window is just the same.

Is there anyone out there who can tell me where I am?

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The end was nigh — 17 Comments

  1. All mankind are being punished for their sins by the world NOT ending yesterday.  We have all been sentenced to a life time in this living purgatory we call life.

  2. Ramrod – Stop worrying about it.  It’s not the end of the worl…….   Oh shit!  Maybe it is?

    BigYin – Smoky/Drinky?  And you call it Hell?  I’ll see you at the bar!

    Brianf – Now you have really fucking depressed me.

  3. You’re in Ireland, I’m in the US. We’re all right where we were the day before yesterday or so it seems. The world actually ended just as predicted and this is the afterlife. Kinda tells you something doesn’t it?

  4. So the general consensus is that the world did end?  Or rather it ended everywhere except in Willie’s cat’s litter tray?  So what’s next?

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