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  1. Something for tomorrow….I just wondered all these protests all over the world about the banks but nothing in Ireland why?

  2. Been a lovely day here in the North East of England too, not that I noticed that much as I’ve been drinking and smoking my effing head off….long may it last.

  3. ya ejit the world ended last night you are just on the way down, dont worry it’s about to get a lot warmer for you.

  4. @tt I live ‘up the road’ from Whitley and am nearer Redcar and Scarborough than there. Lovely tho it is at times I’d still love to spend a week or two at some nice Irish resort, as long as it is not poluted by Grandad and Grandma types lololol.

  5. tt it’s the east of England ffs, the north sea stares us in the face, we do ‘warm’ badly, even in a heatwave it’s freezing around here.

  6. The Sham said it. Hades gaff it ’tis. We are just getting the Irish version. A bit wetter and windier. With Global warming it’ll soon get too hot fer ya.

  7. Democracy in Ireland is the interlude between foreign landlords it appears. As a nation Ireland is only happy when it is picking spuds either for some landbandit in England, a chancer in a funny hat in Rome or someone with an Irish accent who imitates either.
    James Joyce was once asked to describe the Irish national character. He replied; ‘The crack’d looking glass of a servant.’ I was quite offended by that when I read it as a young lad. Now I know what he meant.
    Other than that everything is grand.

  8. Oh good. Still regulating the financial markets happily is it? (The failed office of the Financial Regulator was moved under its control last year- mostly to ensure certain records don’t become discoverable to the public in my opinion). Ireland’s real Central Bank is in the ECB in Brussels. The ‘Central Bank’ in Dubln is just a filing cabinet marked ‘confidential’.

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