I have decided I need more exercise.

Apart from tramping the mountaintops and whacking a few tourists, I am a fairly sedentary person.  I need to improve my blood circulation and generally tone up with a view to living that little bit longer.  At my age I am only too aware that anything that can delay that fateful day is good.

I have searched for a suitable exercise regime, and have found quite a few.  Most recommend around thirty minutes a day of aerobic exercise, but that sounds a bit like hard work.  I am not one to enjoy a good sweat.

I persevered with my search and finally found what I am looking for.

It is going to be very tough going.  I am going to have to discipline myself to carry out this regime every day.  There may be days when I may feel like resting but I am determined that this shall not happen.  The sacrifice will be well worth while for an extra five years of lifespan.  I may even go that little bit extra to make it six years.

This is my regime.

Tough, isn’t it?

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Exercise — 12 Comments

  1. Tramping mountain tops? How the hell do you get up there?

    Whacking tourists? Remind me not to tour your neck of the woods the next time I take the ferry over! What is your neck of the woods by the way? I gather it’s Cork, but I don’t want to write off the whole of County Cork!

    With regard to your latest exercise regime, does herself have sufficient frontage or are you obliged to take supplements?

  2. Matt – The joy of this particular regime is that it can be practised virtually anywhere.  All you need to do is to find the right equipment, which I am glad to say is found in most places.

    Sean – How does anyone get up onto a mountain?  As for the tourist thing – that is a blood-sport that is highly regarded in these parts.  Because of their proliferation in times past, they were considered to be vermin.  Then of course, George W put his imprimatur on it by declaring his War on Tourism some years ago.  It was probably the only good thing he ever did.

    Where did you get the idea I was in Cork?  It’s more than a grand spot, but I’m on the other side of the country in the wilds of Wickla [as we call it here].

  3. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to look in on you in a while Grandad. Glad I did today. Hysterical. Had me chuckling in front of my computer screen. Would have liked to be a fly on the wall when that German researcher came up with the idea of starting a study on this form of “exercise.”

  4. Hello Grandad,   I stumbled on your site looking into Ireland and you are great funny read.  I really needed a good laugh. If I make it to Ireland, I am not much for the whacking and you might find I whack back, we could have an old people fight.     Look forward to more of your rambles.

  5. Denise – Too busy even to say hello?  Shame!  Welcome back anyway.

    Sharivander – Welcome to my wee spot.  You are more than welcome to try to fight back.  It would add to the sport.  Let me know when you are coming.  Heh!

  6. I most certainly subscribe to this form of exercise.
    Problem is getting the right quality of said mammaries on a daily basis.

  7. Just wondering then why you got rid of the nice photo you had of the boobies on your home page – miss looking at those and it was a handy source of viewing !!

  8. I’m well sorted since I’m being doing this exercise for nearly 3 decades. So I reckon I’m gonna live to 100 and keep enjoying those beautiful valleys of flesh in the meantime.

  9. Josh  I got tired of sharing them.  I am reserving them for my own personal use.

    Pete – The one problem with this regime is that you must never ease off on the exercise.  I know it’s tough, but stick with it.

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