A problem drinker — 13 Comments

  1. I can safely assume you, Herself, and Sandy did not receive an invite to William and Kate’s Big Event.  Neither did I.

  2. last time she visited “the colonies” (canada) she cost the nova scotia government house 2 mill to refit the spare bathroom!!
    what kind shit does the queen have she needs a refit on the potty?? not just the over pint’s problem she has…goes far deeper.

  3. TT -I thought you were providing the “white stuff”?

    Cat – Be fair now.  Anyone who drinks two million pints at a time would need a fairly substantial and robust jax?

  4. I can never understand in the 21st century people who be still bowing down and touching their forelock to these medieval kings & queens. Now been ‘on site’ over there could someone tell me who invited her.                         The Brits love their royal family because they are used to give out all these useless titles like Sir Lord ect.              10 million of taxpayers money wasted  f**K the lot of them she’s not welcome.

  5. TT – Me nrither.

    John – I wonder if he is bio-degradable?  I think that should be tested.

    Peacock – I don’t know who invited her.  Probably our Mary-in-the-Park.  If she is behind it then she should foot the bill.  The one good thing about the visit is that we should get some of our roads fixed?

  6. Hardly surpising seeing as the erstwhile President of the Republic of Ireland is a British subject. Any whinges about that pleasant truth and I’ll report ye all to the Chairman of An Taisce. And he’s a member of the Curzon family.

    So there. Its a beanfest for the old Ascendancy crowd who are still lurking around in Irish affairs- mainly behind their gombeens in Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

    Its only a couple of years since An Taisce were lobbying the government to try to get the taxpayer to pay for the upkeep of certain family estate houses- while the families concerned retained ownership of the properties and no obligation to open to the public.

    There won’t be many Murphys invited to have a hang sangwidge and a mug of tea with Betty I can tell you that much. The Murphys are handy when it comes to paying for this bollocks.

  7. It is likely that her visit will lead to an increase in Tourism figures from the UK & Beyond, especially if they whore her around the country for photo ops. Imagine how popular the Mountains of Mourne would be if she took a header off them. Philip could always insult and upset a few Shinners with a few well placed comments re Colonies, Commonwealth, famine & deportation. All Good really & well worth the measly €10million that would otherwise go to clean up after Fianna Fail.

  8. If she waits until after November to visit then David Norris might have been elected President, a case of “Our Queen Welcomes Yours”

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