Haute cuisine cardboard

I have never flown with Ryanair, so I can’t claim to know much about it.

Apparently though they have scratch cards.  I don’t know if you get one free with every ticket, which I doubt, as Ryanair seem to charge you for breathing, or whether you buy them on the flight.

I do know a bit about scratch cards, even though I don’t buy them either.  However, I have bought them, scratched them and collected my winnings.  One thing I do know about them is that if you win more than a certain amount, then you have to collect your winnings elsewhere, as presumably most shops don’t carry thousands in cash, just in case.

Apparently, a passenger on a Ryanair flight had one of these scratch cards. He scratched it, and blow me down with a feather – he won.   €10,000.  A nice little sum?

Now Ryanair are the type of airline who would, if they could get away with it, ask their cabin crew not to wear underwear and their cockpit crew to fly naked, as it would cut down on weight and increase profits.  The idea of lugging €10,000 in notes all the time would be an anathema to them.  In other words – they don’t carry that kind of cash around with them.

Our friend who won wasn’t too happy with this.  He threw a hissy fit.  He demanded his winnings on the spot.

He was told he would have to collect his winning when they landed.

If I were in his shoes, I would spend the rest of the flight happily dreaming up ways and means of spending €10,000.  That represents quite a few pints of Guinness.  It represents a very nice holiday somewhere.  If Romania were the land of your dreams, you could probably buy yourself a house there.

This wasn’t good enough for our friend.  He stamped his little foot and demanded his money there and them.  Maybe he wasn’t the dreaming type?

In frustration, what did he do?

He ate the scratch card.

As gestures go, that was quite spectacular.  I’m not sure what he gained by it, but I do know he lost €10,000.

I hope it tasted nice.

It was the most expensive meal he ever had.

Don’t believe me?


Haute cuisine cardboard — 15 Comments

  1. It was flying from Poland to East Midlands airport in England so he could have been a Brit. Whatever his nationality, the guy is a tool.

  2. I wonder if he went through the motions [as it were] after, looking to see if he could redeem his rash act?  Would they accept a digested ticked that is covered in poo?

  3. I was going to make a smart comment about it being a very “Irish” thing to do until I saw he was flying from Poland to England! What a dufuss. Both he and me!

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