A very moving tribute — 13 Comments

  1. Good for you! Might I suggest a jug of water for madame when she’s especially good? I’ve read that a bit of water can do wonders for their functionality ….

  2. Sean – But she’s shrivelled up anyway?  At least I hope she won’t be trailing coal dust into the house all the time.

    Liv – Careful now….  I don’t want to spoil her.  Anyway, there is an outside tap just the other side of the lawn.

  3. Cardi – No.  I’m fairly sure I’m from the Wicklow Valleys [the spelling is slightly different, though they do start with the same letter?]  I can see the Welsh Valleys on a clear day, if that’s of any help?

  4. Well fuck that!  I do something nice, and immediately there is an assumption that I have done something wrong.  Is there no romance left in the world?

  5. Hey, what can I say? I apologize for my assumption. You obviously have your heart in the right place.

    Now seriously, what did you do wrong?

  6. The only thing I did wrong was to let sentiment get in the way of practicality.

    Also I ordered some extra coal, and realised I needed the space.

  7. The problem with these late life changes is that a pavlovian sort of conditioning sets in over time and you may want to put a stout lock on the coal hole door ( assuming that it is equipped with one, a door that is) for the first couple of months just to break that dear woman from homing back to the dark and familiar. A lock on the garden shed, once she’s safely inside and settled down for the night, for the same couple of months should complete the transition nicely. But expect occasional lapses, especially on stormy nights. Nothing like a cosy coal hole in a thunderstorm I’ve always found.

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