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  1. But Grandad, if that happened there would be a danger of someone saying “What the fuck would a primary school teacher know about running the country.”

    Reduce the amount of them, insist all those that run have their qualifications to hold the job scruitinised and laid bare before the public.

    No right of succession, just because daddy died etc..

    But this will never happen !!

    Another idea I had was that ministers should & could be appointed on the basis of their qualifications alone & do not have to be even sitting TD’s or Senators. In fact I believe all ministers should have to give up their TD status & strictly focus 100% on their portfolio, absolutely no constituency work. That way Taoiseach’s could appoint ministers who actually had a qualification in the area they would be working in, instead of having a school teacher as minister of foreign affairs etc.
    .-= Lafsword´s last brainfart .. Minister for Defence (His own, not the Country’s) =-.

  2. Considering our second in command is a social worker, I don’t think much would change there.

    Under my proposal, because they only have to concentrate on running national affairs, and not go trotting around the country looking after street lighting, we could drastically reduce the numbers, and the reduced numbers would be far more efficient [in theory!].

    I would love to see a system whereby candidates would have to be qualified for the job, but unfortunately that would be contra to the idea that any person is free to stand as a candidate, which is part of the constitution.  And even then, we have the case of O’Dea, who is supposed to be qualified in law, perjuring himself to further his own aims.

    I think the mere fact that TDs would be elcted on the basis on national policies [where the electorate know that being ‘one of the lads’ or ‘being a great fella for fixing the potholes’ counts for nothing] would mean that the political dynasties would die out and we would get better candidates all round?

  3. I’d be careful about some of the qualifications claimed by senior Irish politicians as well.

    Remember one in particular claimed to be a qualified accountant and also claimed to have a degree from the LSE.

    Turns out he was an accounts clerk for a Dublin hospital. Never been near the LSE in his life. He’s not the only one inflating his credentials like a Pink Floyd pig.

  4. Having attended the LSE (B.Sc (Econ.) 2:2) I was astonished when Bertie claimed to have been a student there.

    Lafsword’s idea of aministers outside the Dail would create a distinction between the executive and the legislative ,as in the United States.

    I think the complete abolition of the constituency system is needed if clientelism is to come to an end – switch to a list system as in many places in Europe. You get seats according to how many votes you receive nationally..

  5. Cap’n Con – I think you may be referring to our illustrious ex-leader – the bastard who got us into this appalling mess that we’re in now.  As far as I remember, someone did discover that he did night classes somewhere.

    I did read somewhere recently that there were questions that should be asked about O’Dea’s qualifications also.

    Ian – One thing that is for sure – the current system does not work.  It needs either a very radical overhaul or to be scrapped entirely.

  6. But surely at a clinic you can look him in the eye face to face, tell him what you don’t like and even call him a cunt if you wish. As opposed to complaining on line. Am I wrong?

  7. That’s true.  But the benefits of having the cunt doing what he’s elected to do would outweigh the benefits of telling him he’s a cunt?

  8. I heard your man John Browne on Joe Duffy the other day saying he doesnt have to “answer to Fianna Fail backbenchers” referring to the little matter of missing an important vote in the Dail cos he was out and about on constituency business. It was great hearing his wexford constituents ripping him apart on air. The prick really didnt have a leg to stand on.

    I wonder how much more the irish public will take of these sly, lazy bastards.

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