I wasn’t going to write again today, but I’m in a good mood.

You see, I had to go into the library in Skobieville this afternoon to return the books we borrowed to bring to France.  They had been sending threatening letters again.  Anyway, the bloke behind the counter was in a good mood and he let me off the fines, which was fair enough, but then he wished me a Happy New Year, so I kicked his teeth in.

That’s why I’m in a good mood.

I swore I wouldn’t do this, as it is completely against my religion, but everyone else is doing it, so fuckit – here goes.

Thanks for visiting during the year, and even greater thanks if you commented.  It’s what keeps me going [along with the tobacco, Guinness and Prozac of course].  I really appreciate all the comments, no matter how snarky, misspelled or downright rude they are.

To those of you who are regular readers, but have never left a comment – be brave.  I promise I’ll try not to be too sarcastic in response if you break the habit of a lifetime.  After all, it’s rude to peer through the curtains without knocking on the door first?

So here goes –

[*Closes eyes. Takes a deep breath and hopes no one is listening*]

Happy New Year everyone!

[*opens eyes, and swallows large whiskey to take the taste away*]


I said it.

Enjoy yourselves.

See you on the other side.

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I swore I would not say this — 19 Comments

  1. All the best Grandad! I gets an aul buzz off reading this blog I must say. And I hate most things. Now it’s me who needs a large whiskey. To get the taste of your arse out of my mouth like.
    .-= Jennikybooky´s last brainfart .. Week Twelve =-.

  2. G’wan ye big old softee !!
    Bestest wishes from me and ‘er indoors. Off to the Irish pub tonight as per usual. I will drink a Black Bush to you.

  3. Ha! Knuckling under, are you? Well, happy New Year to you, too! LOL!

    Gosh, now you’ll probably need another whiskey. Sorry about that. 😉

  4. Jennikybvooky – I did wonder what that tickling sensation was just before your mail arrived.  It was nice. *cough*

    TT – Softee?  Me?  Watch your language!!  Just make sure the Black Bush is neat.  Pity I can’t join you.

  5. Happy New Year, you miserable old bastard!

    I don’t know about you but I’m never fucking happier than when I’m having a damn good moan 😉
    .-= G.O.T.´s last brainfart .. 2010 =-.

  6. Sure is good to see you alive and complaining for the New Year. I waited a day just to see if you’d make it past midnight and since it seems you have….

    Happy New Year! Right back at ya’!

    Okay, that’s out of the way. Now to go off and take a couple aspirin cuz’ that hurt a bit. Very glad you’re still around and all that.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Under the Weather =-.

  7. Of course I made it past midnight!  I have seen enough new years in at this stage!

    No need for asprin – I am sufficiently anesth anaesthetis enaesth happy.

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