This e-pipe lark is turning out to be more fun than I expected.

Part of the pipe is the cartridge.  It’s a little open ended tube that contains foam which is soaked in a liquid.  A heating element then heats the foam and vapourises the liquid.

Unlike my other pipes, I can’t just nip down to the shop and buy myself a pack of baccy, which is one of the new yoke’s drawbacks.  If I run out of smoke, I have to replace the cartridge, and you can only buy them on the Interweb.  I have an order in for a crate, and am waiting on delivery any day.

However, it occurred to me that it would be simpler if I could just replace the liquid, instead of replacing the whole cartridge, so I did a search on the Interweb to see if anyone is as intelligent as me, and surprisingly I found that some other genius has come up with the same idea.  You can buy bottles of the liquid which makes life cheaper and simpler.

This is where my problems started though.

You see, they don’t just sell the liquid.  They sell the liquid in different flavours.

If I want to, I can smoke banana.  Or lilac?  Would you fancy a puff of grapefruit?  I’m not joking.  There is chocolate or coffee.  A smoke of some Red Bull to start the day?  How about some melon?

Now, all I want is tobacco.  Ordinary plain pipe tobacco.  There are flavours called ‘French pipe’ and ‘Virginia’ so that may be my solution [pun intended]?

I mentioned the nice people in E-Cigarette Direct before, and once again they are coming up trumps.  They are going to order some samples for me to try out.

Further on down the line, I may try some experiments of my own.

Why not kill two birds with one stone?

A pipefull of Guinness?


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Smoking a banana – the solution — 8 Comments

  1. I buy tobacco for my husband’s pipe, and I always give the weird flavours a miss: cherry vanilla tobacco? Bleugh.

    But Guinness… oy! Why has no one thought of THIS before? You’re a rich man now, I reckon. It sounds like a hit.

  2. Cherry flavoured liquid nicotine for the e smoking is actually really nice, my first was a disaster as I overfilled and ended up with a mouthful, I now prefer it to the original. I have a spare bottle if you want one.

  3. Ian – Draught, of course. [Does that mean I would have to wait for my pipe to settle before smoking it?]

    Susan – You buy tobacco for your husband? Wow! Will you marry me?

    Your Highness – So you are an aficionado? Are you on the cigs or the pipe?

  4. Now my mouth is watering. I started out on wine soaked cigars when I was a kid. What comes around, comes around again.

  5. Or how abour clotted cream and crispy fried shallots – much more sophisticated than plain old cheese and onion…

  6. On the Cigs, which are so far superb. I wanted a pipe to lend me some gravitas in meetings but the other half said I was too young and would resemble a Geography teacher. I ordered 1 bottle of cherry flavour liquid to try out, and because I had ordered another battery they sent be an extra three bottles as a thank you, cannot complain. I think the fact that my cigarette charges from USB is particularly weird, and raises a few eyebrows at work.

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