Smoking a banana – the solution — 8 Comments

  1. I buy tobacco for my husband’s pipe, and I always give the weird flavours a miss: cherry vanilla tobacco? Bleugh.

    But Guinness… oy! Why has no one thought of THIS before? You’re a rich man now, I reckon. It sounds like a hit.

  2. Cherry flavoured liquid nicotine for the e smoking is actually really nice, my first was a disaster as I overfilled and ended up with a mouthful, I now prefer it to the original. I have a spare bottle if you want one.

  3. Ian – Draught, of course. [Does that mean I would have to wait for my pipe to settle before smoking it?]

    Susan – You buy tobacco for your husband? Wow! Will you marry me?

    Your Highness – So you are an aficionado? Are you on the cigs or the pipe?

  4. Now my mouth is watering. I started out on wine soaked cigars when I was a kid. What comes around, comes around again.

  5. Or how abour clotted cream and crispy fried shallots – much more sophisticated than plain old cheese and onion…

  6. On the Cigs, which are so far superb. I wanted a pipe to lend me some gravitas in meetings but the other half said I was too young and would resemble a Geography teacher. I ordered 1 bottle of cherry flavour liquid to try out, and because I had ordered another battery they sent be an extra three bottles as a thank you, cannot complain. I think the fact that my cigarette charges from USB is particularly weird, and raises a few eyebrows at work.

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