And the dead arose and appeared to many — 6 Comments

  1. Robert – I doubt/hope you won’t need them, but a courier is on his way anyway.

  2. I have to say that i cant wait for the scary looking posters from certain parties to be taken down. Its does not matter how many times you people smile down at me from the green party or the labour party i am still not going to vote for you. Idiots i have to say that with the amount of junk mail that i have got from certain parties it will certainly make for a good bonfire that i might start up later.

  3. In honor of David Carradine please mount a large blade to the front of your vehicle and run over your targets. While it has been a long time since I saw the film, I believe they gave extra points for killing officials. I think politicians certainly should fall in that group.

    For those who do not understand the reference look here

  4. I know his is an old post but could you tell me where the qoute “And the dead arose and appeared to many” came from? Thanks

  5. Welcome Seamus!  Apparently it’s from the bible – Matthew 27:52.  I surprise myself sometimes 😐

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