Saturday musings

I had a grand lie in this morning.

After getting up and having my morning mug of tea and a grand pipe full, Herself switched on the radio.

It was non-stop whinging and moaning about Swine Flu, and the government who apparently have decided to extend their bank holiday by an extra day and a half [fully paid, of course].  It was gloom, doom, political incompetence and was generally pretty depressing so I fucked the radio out the window and settled back to enjoy a nice peaceful Saturday.

The sun is shining and it is warm out.  I contemplated mowing the laws, as it is a couple of months since I last did it, and Sandy is beginning to find it difficult to find her way back to the house after I have let her out.

I decided that the Interweb can manage without me for a day so I brewed another mug, lit the pipe and happily contemplated whether to start the lawn with the lawnmower or a scythe.  I also calculated how much Paraquat I would need to kill the lot to save me the trouble of mowing it in the future.

The phone rang.

It was our K8.  Could I possibly do some emergency babysitting?

So now I’m stuck indoors.  I brought the laptop with me, but the little wagon has encrypted her wireless network. Luckily she is only using 128 whatsit security so I soon cracked that.

Now I am stuck here with a television blaring out children’s programmes which seemed to be designed to delight the children but irritate the hell out of grandparents.

The television is about to go out the window.

Puppychild has just climbed on my lap.

It’s not a bad Saturday after all.


Saturday musings — 10 Comments

  1. Sometimes you can’t work up a good grump no matter how hard you may try. Having a cute little single digit midget crawl up in your lap has a habit of killing any good grump, does it not?

    Enjoy your day. And give her toe a tweak for me. 😀

  2. Susan – Regards given, and I can’t remember what was on the screen, but it was loud and screechy.

    Kirk M – I actually felt quite mellow about life after the sitting session. Then Puppychild came to say goodbye. She gave me a hug and then slammed the door in my face. I love her. She restores my faith in humanity.

  3. You wimp! It’s 1530 on Saturday afternoon and I already have 24 tourists down. I got a French couple before lunch and 2 New Yorkers just for fun, during lunch. The Japanese family was trickier than I expected but I prevailed. I took out an entire bus of tourists from Yonkers with the Anti-SUV weapon system with the bus upgrade ver. 2.01.3 beta 2. I was happily surprised at how it vaporized the entire bus. You might want to try it.

  4. Jim C – They can indeed. Unfortunately, my principles forbid me to partake in front of the grandchildren. Fucking principles!

    Brianf – Frankly, they are a bit thin on the ground here at the moment. I think they have been priced out of the market. Is Ver 2.01.3 Beta 2 the one with the fuel-air modification? I really must try that out. I have heard great reports [and explosions].

  5. Single digit midget!!! Hahaha that’s brilliant!

    I agree with Jim’s statement 100%. I forgot to show you the stash. Sorry ’bout that…

  6. K8 – I prefer my home grown but thanks anyway. As I said, I don’t want to introduce Puppychild to it yet. Not for another year or two anyway.

  7. Baino – A good idea, but I think we have enough of a menagerie at the moment. A couple of cows might be interesting though….. Incidentally, you missed my spam trap?

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