I watched the Late Late Show last night.

Well – you never know what strange or startling things you might miss?

At the end of the first segment, which was so boring, I can’t even remember what it was about, Plank gave one of his witty little teasers –

‘I have something to tell you that will please a lot of people and disappoint some others.  Come back after the break.’

‘Good God! He’s quitting the show,’ I shouted in amazement.

‘Don’t be daft. He probably has some tatty prize to give away, or something.’  Herself isn’t Plank’s biggest fan.

When the show resumed after the break, he made his announcement – He is quitting the show.

Of course, I was devastated.

I shall really miss Plank.

I shall miss those classic moments, such as the time he kicked the toy up the arse on the Toy Show and made a little girl cry.  I shall miss those moments where the questions are so embarrassing that the victim interviewee squirms in their seat.  I shall miss his little witty comments.  I shall miss the cute way he tries to put on a different voice when he is phoning someone.

Plank then went on to interview some tart and asked her about her breast reduction operation.  It was patently obvious that she was annoyed at the question and didn’t want to talk about it, but Plank in his own inimitable style pursued the topic to a point where I thought she was going to run off screaming.  It was classic Plank.

Yes.  I’m going to miss him.

The Late Late Show will never be the same again.

Thank God.


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Requiem for the Nearly Departed — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve said it over on Culch, but I bet we get Gerry Ryan as a replacement.

    Not many things could be worse than that.

  2. Is he really going?? Brilliant! Although Maxi has a good point, they will probably bring Jowly Ryan in to replace him. Or worse, Tubridy!

  3. Aha… just as I thought! You KNEW he was quitting, before anyone else, you’ve admitted it.

    Which can only mean you’re on the inside of this one eh Grandad… and YOU’re the Plank’s replacement, following the great success of the ol’ book?

    I thought so. I saw this coming. We might even go get ourselves a television if it’s true.

  4. The top betting at the moment is for The Tubridy Streak. Marian Finnuchane has also been mentioned [apart from my self of course].

    If they do see sense and realise that I am worth the €1m demanded, then I intend changing the format slightly. It will be a little more along the lines of Podge and Rodge, and will be broadcast live from Headrambles Manor.

  5. but what about the current affairs program that he’s moving to? Questions & Answers will never be the same again. Note, in the interests of diplomacy here, I’m not saying it’ll be better or worse, just, er, different!

    Tubridy taking over the LLS would leave his spot on his show open. Would this be a good fit for our Headrambler…….?!

  6. I’d love to present the Late Late Show. I’d make it quality programming. I’d definitely bring a different theme to the toy show.

  7. I am having mental visions of Maxi presenting the “Toy” Show. I don’t think the nation’s children would ever be the same again?

    I bet they go for Shane McGowan.

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