That sod Rick O’Shea has memed me.

He knows I hate memes.

He wants me to describe myself in six words.   Hahahaha!

I could go

  • brilliant
  • insightful
  • articulate
  • funny
  • hilarious
  • modest

but I won’t because one or two of those aren’t true [take your pick].

Thinking about it, I could describe just about anyone else, but me.  I could have a field day with Dubya, Harney or Bertie.

Aw shit!

QUIET.  Yes.  Honestly.  I’m a quiet sort of a bloke.  I’m not the gregarious party-going type.  I keep myself to myself.

CONTENTED.  In my own world.  I hate the world they are trying to impose on us though, with their fucking nanny state, their CCTVs, their intrusion into my affairs and the petty laws to protect us from ourselves.

HAPPY.  With a pipe in one hand and a pint in the other, and a good woman at home in the kitchen where she belongs.  What more could I ask for?

WEALTHY.  The above mentioned good woman, a funny dog, a lovely daughter, two fantastic grandchildren and a roof over my head where I love to live.  What more do I need?  Money?  Nah!

HAIRY.  The only places I don’t have hair are my eye-balls and about four inches on the outside of my legs above my ankles.

GRUMPY.  Obviously.  If I’m old, I have to be grumpy.  I have a lot to be grumpy about, with the appalling state of the modern world. It’s mandatory at my age.  But that’s why I started to blog.

That’s six.  I’m not doing any more.  Maybe I’m wrong on them?  Maybe there are other more appropriate words?

And now it’s my turn…..

G’wan Darragh

K8 loves these.

McAWilliams gets one, simply because I was chatting to him earlier.  [The wrong place at the wrong time!]


Jefferson, who memed me last week and I haven’t gotten around to it yet…


I have just read over this again.  Jayzus, what a load of bollix!

Six real words –

  • Narky
  • Grumpy
  • Irrascible
  • Thirsty
  • Intolerant
  • Accurate [I can take out an Oriental at 500 yards every time]

There.  That’s better.

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Six little words — 16 Comments

  1. God we have a virgin chat on facebook and you do this to me! Cheers man, will get to it even though you probably wont check since you hate memes.

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  6. Ah, thanks Grandad. I’ll get right on it! 🙂

    “Accurate [I can take out an Oriental at 500 yards every time]” How’s your aim with tourist? I’ll be wearing shades! 🙂

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