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  1. Ol’ guy, complaining all the time.
    Yea, I agree it is easier to do it for other people.

  2. I agree with the modest – you NEVER talk about yourself, and you’re so darned SHY..

  3. God we have a virgin chat on facebook and you do this to me! Cheers man, will get to it even though you probably wont check since you hate memes.

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  6. Grandad…you forgot lovely and charming. Because that you are!

    PS I love it when you are grumpy.

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  9. Ah, thanks Grandad. I’ll get right on it! 🙂

    “Accurate [I can take out an Oriental at 500 yards every time]” How’s your aim with tourist? I’ll be wearing shades! 🙂

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