Six little words — 16 Comments

  1. Ol’ guy, complaining all the time.
    Yea, I agree it is easier to do it for other people.

  2. I agree with the modest – you NEVER talk about yourself, and you’re so darned SHY..

  3. God we have a virgin chat on facebook and you do this to me! Cheers man, will get to it even though you probably wont check since you hate memes.

  4. Grandad…you forgot lovely and charming. Because that you are!

    PS I love it when you are grumpy.

  5. Ah, thanks Grandad. I’ll get right on it! 🙂

    “Accurate [I can take out an Oriental at 500 yards every time]” How’s your aim with tourist? I’ll be wearing shades! 🙂

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