Despite numerous pleading and threats, I have been memed again.

Brianf – You’ll get yours!  I have better things to be doing.

Four jobs I’ve held:
Tomato picker
Cafe manager
Cable television planner
Computer programmer [COBOL]

Four movies I’ve watched over and over again:
Name any four.
With my memory, I can watch a film repeatedly, and not realise until the end that I have seen it before.
Or maybe it’s not my memory – just that films are so forgettable?

Four places I’ve been:
Gouffre de Padirac 
Alpha Centauri 

Four places I’ve lived:
Up the mountains
That’s enough for me

Four TV shows I watch:
Whatever Herself is watching

Four radio shows I listen to:
I just put on the radio at random
Classic FM
Lyric FM

Four things I look forward to: 
Long days 
A visit from the grandchildren 
Finishing The Book

Four favourite foods:
Vindaloo curry
Vindaloo curry
Vindaloo curry
Vindaloo curry

Four places I’d rather be:

Four people I e-mail regularly:

Clients who haven’t paid their bills.

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