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  1. “All this money for a bloke with the charisma of a warthog with piles”

    That’s an insult to warthogs everywhere. Good thing they can’t read.

  2. It’s a shocking waste of money all the same. I could understand if they blew €849,139 on drink, fags and women. At least that’s money (somewhat) well spent.

  3. H – They are blowing it on a fag. You could have quite a party on that!! And this is the organisation that is always whinging about being short of cash?

  4. Hmmm, you could be onto something here… We could organise a national ‘licence fee piss-up day’. Everyone would spend their €160 down the pub then march out to Donnybrook and give the crooks at RTE the ol’ two-finger salute.

    There’s not enough good family days out anyway…

  5. Just look at who else is on the list. I mean Ryan Tubridy! The perfect face for radio there and he only has marginally more charisma then the plank.

    And then Gerry Ryan! The most pretentious presenter you could find anywhere. And I’m not going start on Joe Duffy.

    I can’t remember the last time I watched RTE or even listened to any of the RTE radio stations mainly because the presenters are rubbish. Then we also have the ignominy of being forced to pay for it whether we watch or listen to it or not.

    It doesn’t help that RTE radio at least are very Dublin centric.

  6. Wow that’s almost as much as you got for the book – look forward to seeing you and all the family later.

  7. H – I already do that!

    Robert – Tubridy is a pain, but he is miles better than the Plank. I just make do with reading the paper or a book these days……

  8. I got 10 quid in the time it took me to write this response.

    And I’m worth every cent.

    By the way, that picture looks nothing like me.

  9. OK, when you are finished hobnobin’ with the BIG guys at the BIG Irish Blog Awards…I have a little token of my affection waiting for you on my humble blog….
    Congratulations on ALL of your awards Grandad! And Sandy!

  10. first of all..the chat show format is finished..mainly because there are no real celebs anymore..or real heroes..i mean staying in a house full of morons does not make one a celeb or hero..but back to kenny..he is a clever bloke..politically and businesswise..but as a chat show host,no way,no charisma whatsoever..he looks awkward..and cannot deviate from his list of questions

  11. Hi Bettyswallox. I agree about Kenny – he is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. The only thing he lacks is personality. He should stick to doing politics or something. What a waste of space!

  12. If Pat had a REEL personality, he wouldn’t be getting paid all that Big Money, now would he? Real people don’t get paid for doin’ nothin’ in our kulture… did I spell that right???

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