I have just eaten Hard Core

I have just had lunch.

Herself made me a cheese sandwich. It was nice. It was different from her usual cheese sandwiches.

I asked her about this and she said it was a new variety.

I had a look at the packet.

Xtreme Cheddar

The cow has introduced me to hard core porn!

What am I going to do?

Mind you, I can’t find any naked women in there [and I have looked VERY hard].

Why is it “Adults only”? Is it going to drive a child mad with lust?

Maybe it is only for use in smearing over naked bodies?

I have finished my sandwich now. I don’t feel any great glowing in the loins. Mind you, with my medication that would be hard difficult [have to choose my words carefully here].

I suppose I have to back on the sex-offenders list again, now.

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I have just eaten Hard Core — 11 Comments

  1. That explains it. I was wondering why I was Googling around looking for snow-boarding sites. They are right to have a warning. It could be dangerous to old fogies.

  2. Careful Flirty – That comment was marked as spam. I wonder why? 🙂
    I believe the supermarkets are stocking little brown paper bags that you can put this cheese in. After all, you don’t want to be pushing a trolley around a shop with hard-core cheese sitting on the top?

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