Confustications — 3 Comments

  1. Throw in a holiday and it’s a real CF what day it is. Don’t feel bad, I’ve asked my spouse twice today, “It is Saturday right”? Long holiday weekend in the US that started Wednesday eve will do that to you. Your blog has plenty of uses, blog away.

    • I agree Elaine.

      “Today is Saturday right?”
      “No dear, this is Sunday.
      “Damn, I go back to work tomorrow.”

      And long weekends really throw me for a loop.

  2. “So maybe this site does have its uses after all?”

    Of course it does. I myself have used it (among other things like actually reading it) to remind myself of all sorts of things. I’d give you an example but I seem to have forgotten what it was that I was looking for. It is Sunday, yes?

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