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  1. Sounds like a horrible day. Unrelenting pain is the worst. It zaps the body, mind and spirit. I hope today is better for you. Sorry to hear Herself has covid, the hits just keep on coming for you guys. Do you have home health aides (what they’re called in the States) or the equivalent in Ireland? It sounds like your daughter is on top of things though and will have it all worked out for when you’re in the hospital.

    • We do indeed have home help and in fact Daughter works for one of the companies. She’s busily organising help for myself and the Missus as I will be useless as a carer for a while. The only real problem is for the period when I@m in hospital as the Missus will basically require 24hour care which id=s phenomenally expensive, running to many thousands of €uro. We’ll work something out.

  2. You have a wonderful daughter. If you and herself did nothing else you produced and raised her. Good on yer.
    But you have done more than that. You have inspired all of us. Amused us, educated us, inspired us. Thank you.

    • We all want to leave the world a little legacy when we go. I haven’t founded any great industries or made any great scientific discoveries but I [we] have produced a wonderful daughter who is bringing up three lovely kids of her own. That legacy is my greatest pride.

  3. Our elder daughter is being magnificent while Senora O’Blene is so ill.

    That’s what good gals do when the chips are down…

    • They can be a right pain when they are younger [those teenage years!] but we are being repaid a thousandfold.

  4. Well, I’ll say this. There are no academic studies to prove definitively that Cancer loves sugars. However, there are a lot of stories out there about how people claim that by ditching the sweet stuff, that their tumours have shrunk and sometimes disappeared entirely.

    I can only tell you with certainty that I’ve been doing ultra low carbohydrate for six months. Various moles and skin tags I’ve had for years have vanished during that time.

    A ‘professional’ Dietitian will tell you that what I am doing is ‘dangerous’. But seeing as most think the ‘food pyramid’ is still valid does not fill me with much confidence about their expertise.

    • I have been following your carbohydrate diet with interest. As for cancers and sugar, it’s a little late in the game for experimenting at this stage. A grand drop of sharp Sheffield steel is what’s required now.

  5. “How can I influence so many when I’m just a solitary old bloke rabbiting away on a Wicklow hillside?”

    Speaking strictly for myself, (although I it wouldn’t surprise me if others here agree), there is a great deal of value in all that you post. Your posts reveal the good and the not so good of everyday life on your little piece of the mountain. These are not altogether different from our own pieces of our mountains.

    At one time or another we are all in the same boat and it can be comforting to an extent to know that at times we will have company in that boat. (Just don’t drink more than your share of Jameson from the rations!)

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