My magnetic personality — 4 Comments

  1. It’s only when nuts and bolts start sticking to you that you need to worry Grandad ! 😉

    Actually, don’t go near a busy road either. The magnet effect may attract the cars. We don’t want you squashed as well as scanned.

  2. I do envy your ability to switch off. When I had a brain MRI recently I had rubber earplugs and noise-cancelling earphones (spoiler alert: there wasn’t even the sniff of a hint of cancellation) but had to endure about 40 minutes of dystopian industrial rhythmic clanking at enormous volume. At times it sounded as if I was trapped inside the Tardis and it would have failed its MOT.

    I hope you don’t have to long to wait before you hear. The buggers took nearly 6 months to read mine and confirm that there was evidence of a brain, but I suspect they were being nice.

    I’ve been absent for a wee while, so was sorry to pop in today and read of your woes. I’ll be rooting for you, like everyone else.

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