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  1. Grandad, I recently had a CT coronary angiogram, because the NHS (pbuh) suspect I have a dicky ticker. (I’ve had chest pains and breathlessness walking back from the pub!) Thing is, they injected me with an iodine-based dye so it shows up better. If that’s the stuff they are going to use on you, it’s very uncomfortable. It was recommended to me that I didn’t drive myself, and that was good advice. I felt sh*t afterwards and the next day. Fortunately, number one daughter came to the rescue and drove me. Two weeks later I haven’t heard a thing. So either it’s not urgent or they are waiting me to pop off to save some money. Best of luck.

    • I know they stuck a cannula in my arm but wasn’t aware of them pumping anything into it. Whatever happened there, I was fine driving home and my only problem now is that I need to sleep!

  2. I didn’t find the MRI any problem except the noise and I have had several. The waiting is worse than anything else, I had a CT with contrast last week to see how the cancer is progressing but have to wait until the 21st until I see the Oncologist for results. As I refused further treatment as I told you in my email, I could have refused any further tests but knowing the progression gives me an idea of my timeline ! Best of luck to you I hope it’s not bad news.

    • It’s the endless waiting, waiting waiting. I was told that I would have the MRI result in six weeks! Anyhows I have a meeting on Friday [or so I’m told] with the Professor when all will be explained. I hope.

  3. I’ve had several MRI’s and the worst part is the noise! They will give you ear plugs and pad the sides of your head (ears). Best of luck! I’m sure all this waiting sucks. We all are thinking of you.

    • I really didn’t find the noise too bad. I’d prefer it to a playground full of screeching kids or Joe Duffy on the radio.

  4. The more that I read of your trials and tribulations the greater is my admiration for your fortitude in your current difficult circumstances. Also the fact that you manage to keep blogging in your own cheerful manner is a tribute to your Irish determination to overcome all, even builders. My very best wishes to you and your good lady for a complete recovery. My wishes are somewhat selfish as I look forward to reading your blog each day and would miss it were it not to appear.

    • I write more to amuse myself than or any other reason, though it does act as a handy reference diary sometimes. Taking it too seriously could lead to despair so it’s better to just laugh it off. I think that looking for a drop of humour in the darkest places is quite a good way of maintaining a level of sanity. The best cure is laughter, so they say?

    • I’m not that worried about mortality. If it’s isolated then I’m fine. The danger is that it may have spread elsewhere.

  5. Think of it ths way – you’ve got to be around to find out how the new insulation & windows work during next few winters!

    • Haha! A chap just called to inspect the work. I was surprised that I had found a few beads in the kitchen. He mucked around for a bit and switched on the extractor fan over the hotplate. Instantly the room started to fill with microbeads! In fairness to him he did vacuum the mess.

  6. Following a diagnosis of stage 4 prostate cancer, I had an MRI to see if anything else was festering in this aged body of mine (certainly can’t complain about my NHS treatment), and they discovered a massive abdominal aortic aneurysm which could burst at any time. Three days later, this was operated on with an overnight stay. I must say, I have never, ever, had so many young women wanting to look at my groin during that stay. If I’d only been 40 years younger, I might have been able to show my appreciation.
    It may be noisy and uncomfortable (and claustrophobic), but it may also reveal other ailments. Best of luck.

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