Smart vs The Dumb — 5 Comments

  1. But if you “Have usually lost it” how can you rely on it for reminders, etc?

    • I generally have found it by evening [by phoning it] as that’s when I need the pill reminders. Any other reminders I set a day in advance so I’ll pick them up when the pill one pops up.

      Are you suggesting I set a reminder not to mislay it? That would have to beep every minute of the day. Bloody irritating…..

  2. I look at my phone several times a day. Most of what I get are text messages and emails, not a lot of conversation. I make use of the reminders as well.

  3. I should add that the true challenge is remembering to put the reminder on the phone.

  4. Use mobile to read books and check sports scores, but never at meals.

    Never, ever use social media after I worked for a dot com startup and saw how toxic it could be.

    BTW you can write code on them, using a bluetooth keyboard and apps such as PyDev on Android. However, only really works for one-offs – wouldn’t want to spend the whole day coding on one!

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