Erasing women — 8 Comments

  1. But surely, if you think it’s all bollocks (which it is), then you should vote ‘No’ for ‘No change’ – that way you’re slowing down the bonkers rush to irrelevant wokeness.
    If you abstain, they interpret that as ‘couldn’t care either way’, so they’ll do it anyway. And how soon you’re on the slippery slope to making it compulsory to be gay/green/vegan. . . . . But if that’s what you want . . .

    • That is indeed a fair point. Having given mature reflection I may well vote. If nothing else, it’s a grand excuse for another visit to the coffee shop.

      I have just been reading up on the arguments. I’m none the wiser but now have a splitting headache.

  2. “marriage”. They want that replaced with “a durable relationship”

    Thats the best they can come up with? I had a durable relationship with my mother and a couple of girl cousins.
    All have passed on, so am I a widower, a bigamist or just that weird guy down the block?

  3. I have had a number of durable relationships with cats. Does that make me liable to arrest? As above please make the effort to vote as it could make a difference. Even if “No” wins the bastard politicians will find some way to turn it around to their favour, all they have to do is look towards Brussels.

    • My durable relationship with Penny is a lot longer than a hell of a lot of marriages…..

  4. This also means that a number of ‘Divorce Lawyers’ will need to become ‘Durable Relationship Lawyers’. The printers of business cards and sign painters of office doors will be busy for a time.

      • That is a Possibility.

        This could get expensive. Those folks that do the lettering on the doors get paid by the letter don’t they?

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